Thumbin' Through Michigan v. Illinois: Feel The Pain

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. The idea is to put you right inside my head as the game goes on, play by play, Being John Malkovich style. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's painful. Often it's obscene. But it's never boring. So if you have delicate sensibilities, I would recommend you skip this posting and continue on to the rest of site. Regards - Ed.

UM Ill!

Odoms deep for KO rtn

Holy crap. Rtn to 37!
1d mcguff buried on rn to rt.
2d minor in - 2&10 - 2 backs - pass rt to mthews hi enf to get ovr lb
perfect thr

1d - I form - mcgf rt mid for 3 bhnd moundros
2d - koger in - pass rt for nthn miss pass
3d - thrt for pass nthn tucks and scrmbls for 20

1d  - zn rd keeper - nthn for
2d - thrt roll out lft mcgf out of bf. Nthn sack whn no one open
3d - thrt read deep ball odoms rds shrt. total mis com. I'm blaming odoms.
4th - fg from 42 - tipped blkd.

Play calling aggressive. Good. lots of time to throw. No one open.

1d ILL - brown hrrisn sfts - grhm stuffs zn rd midl gn 2
2d - jam and ezeh rd juice run stf it on rt
3d - blitz hrrisn - brwn stays in position frcs tuff thr
4th - Pnt to mthws rtn to 50

1d UM @ ill 48 - minor mcgf - fk rn to minr - pass to odoms for 25 to rt
2d - mcgff run left fo 20

1&gl - wooooooooo - mcgf mndrs - rn lft for td - x pt good!

7-0 UM! Is this Same team?

KO UM - benn ctchs @ 12 - @ 31
1d - swrt in - pass to benn on lft side of zn 9 yrds
2d - no brwn - juice up midl on zn rd for 9

1d @ 45 - qk pass lft to benn to lft gets ez 1d

1d - pass to rt on scrn inc
2d - rn midl lft stfd - flg - illegal sub - rpt dwn
2d & 10 - hrrsn on bnn - martin hauls down fo loss
3d - grt coverag - hld on ill - pass oobs
3d & 16 - double scrn fk rt wnt lft - stpd aftr 5
4 &9 - fg good

UM 7 - ILL 3

Ill lining benn up in slot on every down

UM bringing harrison on a lot of biltzes

KO - odoms - rtn to 39
UM 1d - mcgf pwrs lft spns out of tkl for 6
2d - mcgf rt for 2
3d - mcgf & thrt - thrt kpr for 6 to rt

1d - thrt throws dngr thr ovr midl to no one. Pick thr by frshmn
2d - draw play on bltz hits bltz perfct nthn
3d - thrt throws to odoms to lft midl intmed rt for 20 - wobler good adjust

1d - mcgf stuffd midl lft
2d - thrt to mathews wide open on rt sidln.

1&gl - @ 8 - mcgf fights for 3
2d & gl - @ 6 - pass to koger midl on roll out for td - flg for inelligble dnfld
2&gl@11 - i form - TO UM -
2&11 - td on jump ball to mthews in corner - ply undr rvw - reply
looks gd - ruling stnds! Woooooooo! X ptn gets tipped but good. Flg
Flg on ill offsides - declined

UM 14 Ill 03

KO UM - sucks - rtn to 33

1d - deep ball to benn. Brown brings down benn @ 20 hrrble cvrge
1d - rn rt for 10
1& gl - d looks confused - juice keeper midl for 2

End 1 qrt

Strt 2qrt

2d & GL @ 6 - juice williams on zn read keeper
X pt good.

UM 14 Ill 10

KO ILL - odoms back - rtn to 34

1d UM - zn rd rt for nthn
2d - rvrs to odoms for 3
3d - empty bf - pass to mathews brkn up -obv pi missed - davis draped
on mathews
4th - Pnt zoltan boots to 16 benn fc

1d ILl @ 16 - nickl pkg  - run lft for 9
2d - s brown on bltz nails juice - inc
3d - juice up midl - 1d barely
1d - option run to Benn? Loss of 5 to rt
2d - triple option to left for 12
3d - pass to rt midl zn to benn for 1d
1d - brown bites on play fk - juice ovr thrw to rt deep
2d - scrn pass to rt goes for 60plus TD

Obv hold on grhm not clld on rt side. stll shldve stpd that.

ILL 17 - UM 14

ILL KO - odoms back - odoms to 29
1d - mcgf to lft for 1
2d - empty bf to scrn rt to mcgf - maybe 2
3&7 - playcalling getting conserv - 3d - wheel route to minor  ovr thrwn. Minor got bumped oobs and wasn't close
Pnt - zltn - punt to ill 15

Zltn doing his job

1d - juice keepr to rt on zn rd for 6
2d - rn rt looked boxed in - busts it for 2
3d - stuffd!
Pnt to UM 29

UM 1d - monrs in - i form - ply actn roll rt pass rt to odoms picks up 23
1d - qk hitch - to savoy for 6 rning ply
2d- zn rd to mcgf for 3 rt midl got 1d
1d -  resrv pitch to mcguff almost goes arwry. Mcgf saves bacn only loses 1
2d - deep ball to savoy beats davis savoy drops it.
3d - open pass to lft. - thrt airmails it. Inc
4th - pnt - tback

Ill @ 20 - 1d - juice keepr to lft for 6
2d - benn in mtn - optn to benn lft goes for 6
1d - pass to benn ovr thrn wrrn clst to ball
2d - pass inc on roll out - lots of pssr
3d -juice keeper - flg on hld - clnd
4th - pnt - fc @ 19

1d UM - thrws it rt at the ill LB. Drpd int
2d - mcgf - runs midl for 30

1d rn rt by mcgf - tckld by davis who svs td - davis still down walks off
2d - roll out to rt, nth open gets rid of it.
3d & 11 - thrt sails deep ball ovr dbl cvrg
Pnt - to 21 dwnd

1d ILl - brnd grhm scks juice
2d - jamo deflcts pass
3d - juice buried at 9 TO UM
4th - pnt
Mathews has a chnce to rn undr it but doesn't. ball @ Ill 48

1d - minor runs rt gets hit and fumbls. - mobdros rcvrs
2d - pass midl to odoms a mile bhnd inc
3d - DO pass to odoms ovr midl - odoms gets turned around and misses sure td pass. Ther is no chemistry bt those two.
Pnt downd @ 3 by brown

1d juice keepr midl for 4 - to um
2d - juice midl clk kllr
End of half

Seem to have forgone mathews for odoms. No grady either.

Pass pro pretty good. Couple of bad thrws by threet. Arm drping.

KO UM - with wind - benn back - @ 23

Ill 1d - zn rd to rb midl for 0
2d - pass into midl brken up by ezeh
3d - anthr scn lft ctches mich off grd - hld brings 20 yrdr back -
juice thrws that nice
3d - stwrt and wrrn blw coverage agn - td ill - ex ptn gd

24 Ill - UM 14

Ugh. I thought they fixed the secndry probs. Miserable deep covrage. Like nd all ovr again.

KO Ill - odoms rtn to 30

1d - 2wd - 79 at grd btn bad and loss two on rn rt
2d - thrt pass to rt on anthr scrn loss 4
3d - thrt strpd - schill falls on it
Pnt - zltn - boots to 28

Need stp - d back on fld. If l'm ill I go deep agn. Not a lot of energy in stadium

1d - 4w - juice scrmbls lft jamo loses contain - thrws away
2d -triple option - grhm sps aftr two to rt
3d- obv pi on hrrisn gives 1d

1d - rn lft stfd aftr 2
2d - hrrisn blws up option lft. Jamo forcd pitch
3d - clk rns out snp and refs give Ill TO. Bs.
3d - rvrs scrn to rt stffd for 3
4th - Pnt to mthws dwnd @ 27

Illegal sub on mich

1d & 15 - shrt lft thr to odoms for 1. Woooooo
2d - shw in - roll out to lft stuff by 44 for ill
3&17 - 44 sacks threet. Pass pro getting whipped.
4 &27 - zltn punts to Ill 35 - benn rtn to 43 ill.

1d - pass inc to lft at TE
2d - finally a blitz - stfs run rt for loss
3d - two guys wiff on tckls and pick up ill 1d on cross to little guy

1d - pass to benn goes for TD - flg on ill brings back td - blck in bak

No pssr. No cov. Bad.

1&10 @ 18 - a littl psr bt juic rolls out inc
2 & 10 - rn lft. Jamo mks tckl aftr 4
3&6 - chp blk declined - 4 & 6 aftr inc to rt

FG - blckd!

Stll 24 - 14

1d @ 20 - minor and shaw - minor rt for 3
2d - minor rt on option rns thr tackl
3&2 - pass shrt to lft midl for 1d
1d - shw burns rt for 6
2d - thrt qk pass rt for 1d
1d - shw drps handoff ill rcvrs

1d ill - juice zn rd midl for 17
1d - ezeh stfs rn midl
2d - safties suck up on ply fk and comp ovr top lft.
1d - juice keeper midl lft stpd for 2
2d - end qrt

No pssr in ill bkfld. Safties biting on evry ball fake. Wrrn having terrible game

Juice has 303 passing yards thru 3 qrtrs. Wtf!?

Srt 4th

2&10 @ 13 - juice stpd in bf and escapes for 13
1&gl - @ 2 - TO Ill

1&GL - rn to rt TD. Mich d looks slw.

31- 14

Odom back - rtn to 28

1d UM - pass lft to odoms, hits him in hnds drpd.
2d - pass to odoms - not even looking it
3d - cross to odoms comp for 1d

1d - @ 43 - pretty pass left to babb drped in hnds
2d - deep ball to mathews

1d - @ 12 - pass to odoms comp on rt come back cuts to 2

1d&gl - hnd off to mcgf for nthn
2d &2 - zn rd keepr midl rt for td - ply undr rvw - rply shws td! - why r they doing this crp? BULLSHIT. Call ovr rld
3& gl - why in gods name are yourning a swp from 1 inch line?
4th - pass to mondros for td to the rt
X pt  - clanks off post.
20 - 31

UM to KO

Pen flag - ball loose - he's down
1d @ 32 - juice keeper sacked by ezeh
2d - pass to benn in midl of fld
3&5 - obv pi on ezeh missed. Inc. - nope - pi called. 15 yrds
1d - juice keepr to lft- hit by ezeh aftr 8
2&2 - cv by wrrn obv off-pi not calld
3 - juice wiiliams runs to the 1. Rt up gut.60 yrds.
1d @ 1 - d stks lin - stfs dive.
2d &gl - dive ovr top stfd.
3& gl - optn lft pitch to rb-td - jamo crshes juice.

38 - 20

And we're done.

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