We're Not playing OSU tomorrow

Again, the awesome work of FormerlyAnonymous jumps to the frontpage with an OUTSTANDING recap of the OSU Illinois Big Ten Tournament game. We get either Illinois or Indiana. FWIW, Illinois' pitcher threw one hell of a game. Michigan's up tomorrow! - MnB Dave



Abbreviated Recap:

Illinois wins Game 1 by a score 3-2. OSU heads to the losers bracket where they will play the loser of the afternoon game. If Penn State wins the late game over Indiana, Michigan will face Illinois tomorrow night at 7pm. If Indiana wins, we face Indiana in the same time slot.

OSU started #3 starter DeLucia, who along with Wolosiansky, have been their hottest pitchers down the stretch. DeLucia gave up 2 runs, 1 earned, in 4 innings. Wolosiansky entered the game in the 5th inning. He went 3 innings, allowing 1 HR to Bonadonna in the 7th. While the choice for DeLucia was great, the choice to use Wolosiansky was questionable. While the Buckeyes did not want to risk entering the loser's bracket, Wolosiansky has been OSU's hottest starter down the stretch. His appearance today was on short rest as well. It remains to be seen how this many appearances will affect his performance down the tournament.

For Illinois, Manson pitched brilliantly. He threw a complete game four hitter, allowing two runs in the second, both unearned. More impressive was his 0 walks and 4 strike outs.

Stars of the game:
Manson: CG, 0ER, 4H, 0BB, 4K
Bonadonna: 1/4 HR, BB
Wikoff: 2/4 R, RBI

Burkhart: 1/2 2RBI, SAC
Hurley: 1/3 R
Wolosiansky: 3INN, 5H, 1R, 1BB, 1K


I'll probably have one of these for the late game too, I'm not too concerned about the non-michigan games.  I'm working up a big thing for Michigan later tonight though.  I've spent the last 3 days going through every at-bat Michigan has had against every pitcher on every team minus Penn State (as it was statistically impossible for us to play them).  The one thing I realize is we hardly ever ground out to third base.

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