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BigTenHardball pointed out the new "Captain's Corner Blog" on mgoblue in a post tonight and the blog is full of awesome descriptions.  Seniors Chris Fetters, Tim Kalczynski (known as Timmy Kal), and Kevin Cislo are offering an insight into the daily life of a student athlete, much in the same way as The Fat White Guy.  While the craze has been spreading throughout several programs, this is the first time I've noticed it with any Michigan team. 

I decided to highlight a few of the gems from the first 8 days of practice so far:

Day 3

The freshmen on the team were able to demonstrate that their athletic abilities such as coordination, flexibility, and overall lack of athletic physique could transfer over into their routine. They were able to show their skills off by having a dance off with the hockey team's freshmen. With their efforts, they were able to muster a score of 31 on a 40 point scale. Overall, they were able to entertain the crowd and at the same time rack up fines in the locker room kangaroo kourt which is a team bonding event where teammates fine each other for saying or doing laughable, unintelligent things. --Kevin Cislo

Day 5

I would compare our performance today to eating Kevin Cislo's homemade tacos. The first few are pretty good, but the plate gets messier with each one. By the time you get to your fifth taco, the plate is full of lettuce, stray cheese, and taco meat grease. It's all over your hands and your left wondering how there seems to be more food on your plate than in your stomach. Similarly, outfielders Nick Urban, Tyler Mills, Bryce Aspinwall and company set a strong tone as their throws were right on target. When we moved to infield work, it just wasn't as clean. It's nothing to get too worried about. It was one of those days. Hopefully, we don't have any more of those. --Tim Kalczynski

Day 8

Ann Arbor is an interesting place. It's usually pretty cold around this time of year and students are dressed in layers of sweatshirts, jackets and hats. However, when the weather warms up just a hair, parts of Ann Arbor turn into Miami Beach. When I was walking back from class around noon, I saw a guy running shirtless (in his defense he had the chest of a sasquatch), a homeless man eating an ice cream cone (outside) and a girl sunbathing on the roof of one of the sororities…and yet I was not the least bit surprised. -- Tim Kalczynski

In that last post by Timmy Kal, he also briefly discusses the benefits of Rodriguez on the baseball team... the brand new field turf in Oosterbaan.

My personal favorite post was Day 7 by Chris Fetters.  Fetters gave the general description of how they prepare themselves for the spring semester from class scheduling to exams on the road.  I'd highly suggest any fan of the team to check in with the posting.  It's some quality stuff.  They don't have an RSS feed going on it yet, and I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.  I sent in an email to the webmaster for mgoblue and the sports information department.  I'll pass along any response if I ever get it.

Any opinions expressed in Fanposts or Fanshots are not the opinions of Maize n Brew. Peruse at your own risk.

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