Thursday Happy Hour was sick on Tuesday.

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Stuff You Must Read Right Now

Wojo is the best in Detroit  - Wojo sits down with Rich Rodriguez, for an interview.   Manages to conduct actual journalism. [This interview is absolutley excellent, Wojo continues to excell as one of maybe three excellent writers in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. A small, and I mean small teaser is below. A total must read. - Ed.]

Q: You do often employ a 3-3-5 scheme. Is that not working?

A: I think the scheme part is probably way overrated. I worry more about fundamentals and us being fast enough and physical enough. We've got to play better, we know that, and our defensive staff is working as hard as they can. You can have the best scheme in the world, and if that guy over there beats your guy over here, and you don't tackle well, you're going to struggle.

Q: Recruiting-wise, do you need to focus more on defense?

A: Our numbers were down defensively last year, definitely. But it takes more than one year to adjust. Our defensive numbers now are better, scholarship-wise, but they're young guys. I'm really happy with our freshman class. We need another recruiting class like this one, from a defensive standpoint.

How fired was Brewster? SO, so fired  -  If you read between the lines, I think the AD didn't like Brewster.

You're going to want a drink for this  - Bad secondary play at UM, with pictures, from mgoblog.

Uh, Security?  - I no like this at the Big House. [Agreed - Ed.]

Michigan Football

The Bye Week will do odd things to a man - in Rod We Trust waxes poetic.

If you quote Lebowski, you make the Happy Hour  -  Maize and Blue Nation discusses turnovers, and why they are bad.  *Spoiler Alert*  They're bad.

Looking to Bama in 2012  -  Denard Robinson's senior year.  Man, I hope we're good by then. 

Big Ten Football

After Wisky, OSU looks to move on  - ATO's preview of the Purdue game. This will be useful for the Michigan-Purdue tilt later on.

Stanziball is victory!  - But can it continue, BHGP asks? Ricky Stanzi is America, and so can you.

Purple People Preview  - Alliteration is a cheap trick.  Here's Sippin' on Purple's preview of the Michigan State game.  They're worried about Kirk Cousins, and rightly so.

BSD and the Daily Gopher hash it out - I always enjoy these Q&A's between opposing teams, and you should as well. 

College Football

Les Miles is embracing the whirlwind, man  - Live Call in show?  Why not. Courtesy EDSBS

Crystal Meth is a helluva drug  -  The Barking Carnival has a post involving the phrase "Contemplative Tornado-Burping Skeletor".  Do you need more than that?

It's a bye week - go see the family.  Or something.  Actually, just hold me.

Remember- the Detroit Beer Fest is at Eastern Market on Saturday, 1-6. for info/tickets.  I'll be there.


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