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Stuff You Must Read Right Now

Denard is Tanned, Rested, and Ready  - Angelique Chengelis of the News talked with Denard Robinson, and he's apparently feeling 100%.  Terrible shame about Devin Gardner's back.  Crying shame.  (Not at all [Thank God! Finally the Devin Gardner redshirt we all clamoured for from day one. Was this just a grand scheme by Rodriguez to get Gardner a snap or two at the major conference level so that he knew just how much he had to improve? Is Rodriguez that wonderfully devious? Good lord I hope so. - Ed.])

We blame you  - In Rod We Trust proves that our struggles are clearly your fault.  I blame you.

You Should Probably Stop Talking, Chief  - Derek Dooley from Tennessee attempts to swallow his entire foot, and succeeds. [This is begging for one of those fake, subtitled Hitler in the Bunker spoofs. Someone with talent and a Mac make this happen. - Ed]

Are Coaches Motivational Tactics Overrated?  - Touch the Banner delves into the motivational powers of football coaches. Are they really relevant or are they just one of those things fans put too much stock in for no apparent reason? Interesting article from an actual football coach.

Is Michigan State this year's Iowa?  - Graham at OTE makes an outstanding point about the sudden rise of Michigan State. We've seen this script before, a couple of lucky bounces, a ballsy call here and there that works out, some timely scoring. All with a Junior quarterback that's improved over his sophomore season. Yup. The similarities are staggering.

Remember a Big Ten team last year that was surviving by the skin of its teeth, winning games they shouldn't have, propelling themselves to a Top 5 national ranking and making people talk about "dream seasons" and the like? Is 2010 Michigan State actually just a green and white version of 2009 Iowa?

Michigan Football

The internet is a fad  - Kelvin Gradytweets a lot, and is interviewed by ESPN about it.  via annarbor com.

Player shuffling on the lines  - discussion of the William Campbell / Quinton Washington switcheroo.

A review of our linebackers  - mgoblog analyzes how the gentlemen in the middle are doing.  Let's hear it for The Enigmatic Kenny Demens.

Big Ten Football

Penn State has the sad - Penn State, and the guys at Black Shoe Diaries, are taking solace in the misery of others.  Also, do you remember when Kirk Ferentz was a hot name to replace Lloyd Carr?  Dodged a bullet there, we did.

Breaking down the film of Wisconsin's win over Iowa  - Scott Tolzein made a clutch throw on 4th down, for sure.

Black Heart Gold Pants didn't enjoy the Wisconsin game  - Not one bit.  There's some rough language there, but it's still funny.

Those are the sorts of games you have to win  - The Only Colors breaks down the win over Northwestern.  It's the sort of game you have to win, without your A-game, if you want to win the Big Ten.  Also, where did their running attack go to?  Edwin Baker was MIA for most of that game.

College Football

Tracking the contenders for that trophy awarded in New York  - Cam Newton will be playing the role of Vigo the Carpathian. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy. 

Arkansas is the new USC  - Snoop Dogg loves Ryan Mallett. Kind of a Boyz in the Hood meets Smokey and the Bandit vibe goin' on in Arkansas right now.

The good ones always die young  - Tip your caps for Paul, the psychic octopus, who predicted the World Cup outcome. 

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