Sunday Happy Hour is Five Wins and No Losses

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Michigan 42, Indiana 35 - Michigan downs Indiana in a shootout.  Good notes on Junior Hemingway's redemption of sorts from last week's TD drop, and, you know, looking like a tight end.  What does Denard Robinson have left to prove?  The hit he took was scary again, though - I don't like seeing him at the bottom of gang tackles or scrums.

Dantonio Hospitalized Again - A blood clot deals a serious blow to Mark Dantonio's recovery.  Though State handled Wisconsin on Saturday, their coach watched from the hospital.  Sunday Happy Hour wishes him a speedy recovery.

Finding the Perfect Spread - Chris over at Dr. Saturday concludes correctly that Denard is really, really good, and Rich Rodriguez has the perfect offense for him.  Do I detect a "point-a-minute" comparison here?  Note this was written before the Indiana game.  Via Rivals dot Yahoo dot com:

But nobody runs it quite like Rodriguez right now, or, maybe I should say that nobody can run the ball quite like Denard Robinson. If part of the evolution of the spread has been to come up with increasingly complex counters to control the backside of a zone read, Rodriguez's new approach is to have his supersonic quarterback ignore the backside entirely, take the snap, and run the outside zone to one side, and simply find a crease.

The Month in Review - Written before this weekend's action, this is still a good piece with some great conference breakdown by Dan McMurphy over at NCAAfootball dot Fanhouse dot com.  I'd encourage you to check back with him later in the week for an update.  And his Heisman ballot is correct.

Michigan Football

Players Not Named Denard Also Shine - Nice fluff piece on Roundtree and Vincent Smith, who both had great games as well.  Smith finally showed some good breakaway speed, and it's nice to see multiple Michigan tailbacks showcase home run speed.  We all knew Roundtree's 100-yard game was coming, and it won't be the last.

Is the offense... too fast? - Good piece over at the Detroit News highlighting time of posession and total plays.  Though I'd like to see our defense get breaks like earlier in the season, Sunday Happy Hour has no problem with 72-yard touchdown runs or big plays of any sort.

Looking to Next Week, Little Brother - DetNews dot com will be doing pieces about the M-MSU rivalry all week.  Internets, feel free to chime in on your favorite rivalry moments.

Happy 83rd, Big House - MVictors with a great piece on stadium history and a cool pre-press box pic.  Also, for more history, check out their links and their story about Silent Cal and the '26 WolverinesFrom MVictors dot com.

Big Ten Football

Bucks squeak by Illini - In a game that was lot closer than it should have been, the Buckeyes down the Illini.  Terrelle Pryor left the game briefly with a leg injury - something to keep an eye on as OSU gets into the heart of the Big Ten schedule.  But what a quote, via DetNews dot com:

"The worst thing was when I came back and the guys thought I was all right and they were saying, 'Come on Terrelle, lead us,' " Pryor said. "There was no way I could do anything but hand the ball off and maybe get a couple passes."

What kind of leader doesn't want to lead his team?  Follow up in the Incredibly Important YouTube clip of the moment - never forget.

Penn State is Slightly Shambly - JoePa's team has some very fast growing up to do.  But Evan Royster still scares me to death.  Via FanHouse.

College Football

"Miracle" Finish for the Mad Hatter - LSU pulls out a crazy victory over UT in a thriller, and I'm very, very glad Les Miles RAGE is thousands of miles from Ann Arbor. More in the next link -

Around the Country from SI - SI dot com has a great look at a few key stories around the college football landscape, calling Les Miles "the luckiest coach in America".  I agree.

Washington Edges USC - Sarkisian's revenge is pretty sweet for the rest of the country.  The Pac-10 is clearly a down conference this year, with the exception of Oregon, who even rolled over Stanford this weekend.  Their offense is pretty scary.

Number Crunchin' - Andy at SB Nation looks into Denard, Oregon, and some smaller-conference games of note with a nice block of notes at the bottom for those truly diehard fans of the game among you.

Michigan Hockey

Mercyhurst...what? - Michigan blows a four-goal lead to Mercyhurst and settles for a 4-4 tie.  They technically lost the shootout 2-1 with Louie Caporusso netting the only goal, but the results of shootouts are only used in conference play.  Center Matt Rust, via AnnArbor dot com:

"I think we got too content with where we were.  Maybe in the dressing room we were too loose and it carried over onto the ice. A sign of a good team is to not let a waterfall effect happen, and after they got that first goal, the floodgates just opened."

Incredibly Important YouTube Clip of the Moment:

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