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Stuff You Must Read Right Now

Unsurprisingly, we're Michigan/MSU heavy today. Did you expect anything less?

Podcasts are your friends! - A little chat sponsored by The Only Colors, with Brian Cook of mgoblog, and our very own Maize n Brew Dave.

Always interesting to see what the enemy thinks - Poking around inside the brains (Paterno-style!) at The Only Colors about the numbers behind the game.

That Cheating Bastard Eddie Brown - A retrospective (Spartans, that means "to look back at") on some of the classic games in the series must include the robbery of 1990.  I wanted to do very bad things to Eddie Brown, and the officials then.  Very. Bad. Things.  Am I better now?  Hard to say.

Michigan Football

Rittenberg is wrong, again -  In the College Football Blog on ESPN, Rittenberg picks 37-35 them.  S'ok, we are all occasionally wrong.

You can see the family resemblance - The M Zone's tracked down Mike Hart's family album.

Holy Crispy Crap - An impressive diary at Mgoblog, laying out Denard Robinson's assault on what you previously understood records to be.  I know it's only been 5 games, but WOW.

Mike Martin used to be a dog handler -  Seriously.  Mike Martin has been wreaking havoc on defense, even in the 3-3-5.

Cue the Montell Jordan - Indeed, this IS how we do it.  Mgoblog's UFR of the offense.  If you aren't reading these after every game, then, well, I don't want to know you.

Big Ten Football

Must Read analysis, prior to Saturday  This one, and this one, in particular- the fine folks at Bucky's 5th Quarter broke down some of the things that MSU did to them.  Pay particular attention to the analysis of the ineffectiveness of Wisconsin's version of the 3-3-5.  After you read that, consider drinking more.  No, drink more than that.

Thoughts and Prayers go out to Norm Parker, the D-coordinator from Iowa.  He lost a foot to diabetes, but plans to return to the team.

A little friendly discussion between the folks at Black Shoe Diaries and Hail to the Orange about the Penn State/Illinois game, and this Nate Scheelhaase fellow.  Part 2, at Hail to the Orange.

This may have been useful LAST WEEK! Again, Along the Olentangy is KILLING it with analysis.  A good breakdown of the Indiana pistol formation.  (Caution, Michigan fans- you won't like the video.  Remember, we won that game).

Others Receiving Votes- Purdue and Northwestern also play this weekend.  Here's your Sippin' on Purple breakdown of the game.  Scheduling note- this game has been rescheduled from Northwestern to Chicago County General.  Your head ref will be Dr. Mark Greene.

College Football

Les Miles and the Devil- Apparently you can get out of a Faustian bargain, if your hat is sufficiently large.

Ecce Blogpoll-  Behold!  I bring you Blogpoll.  Alabama is on top, unsurprisingly.  The Internet shows no love for Boise State.

As it is the State Championship, we suggest, nay, require, that you drink Michigan beer in preparation/celebration/consolation.  The upstanding gentlemen at Dark Horse Brewery are ready, willing, and more than able to meet your needs.  I recommend their Crooked Tree IPA, if you like IPAs.  Their Boffo Brown Ale is also excellent.

And remember, GO BLUE!

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