Tuesday Happy Hour Sweeps MSU, Gets Tazed, and Leaves the Basketball Program Alone (unlike the papers)

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Michigan football team's spring game will begin at 1 p.m. on April 17 - Thank God. Football to talk about.

How Bad Is It to be a Georgia Bulldogs Fan Right Now? - Our buddy Kyle over at Dawg Sports isn't too happy with the way things are going in  Athens. To this I say, dude, I can get much, much worse. Stil, Dawg Sports wants to know just how bad it is to be a Georgia fan at this moment, and they've got a poll for you to vote on!

LSU wide receiver Terrance Toliver was tasered twice during a disturbance early Sunday morning - See. That's why LSU keeps winning for Miles. Those players simply won't give up!

Wonderlic QB Scores: Bradford 36, Tebow 22 - Former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford scored a 36 on the Wonderlic test at the NFL combine. Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow scored a 22. Awesome.

Random, Yet Awesome

Fett and Jennifer Aniston? - Boba'd hit that.

All-black penguin discovered - Will soon dominate penguin athletics.

Michigan Hockey

The Blog That Yost Built: On to the Joe! - Word.

That they came to bury Michigan, all dressed in maize and blue
The words were said, the prayers were read and everybody cried
But when they closed the coffin there was someone else inside
Oh they came to bury Michigan, but Michigan wasn't dead
And when the game was over it was someone else instead
Twenty Michigan Wolverines put on the skates of black
And as the students sang The Victors
To the Joe, we're headed back!

Sweet justice according to MGoBlog - Brian holds grudges. Some of them valid. His grudge against Corey Tropp is righteous, and this piece is awesome.

Mark Burns: My sincere apologies to Louie Caporusso - The Michigan Daily's Mark Burns writes a public letter of apology to Louie Caporusso for calling him a "ghost" early in the season. Capo hadn't necessarily been a ghost, but he hadn't lived up to his potential. It's amazing the difference in his play since Michigan's back went up against the wall. Keep it up, Capo.

Michigan Keeps NCAA Hopes Alive With Sweep of MSU - The hockey writing over at the Wolverine is pretty good, and I'm a big fan of their Original 6 +1 break down.

Hunwick, Caporusso jockey for top weekend effort - The Wolverine's got a great take on Michigan's CCHA Playoff sweep of LSSU.

Having a Seat Over There: Matia Marcantuoni and Some Goalies - The Blog That Yost Built has your hockey recruiting update. Apparently Matia Marcantuoni, the potential #1 draft pick in the OHL is eyeballing Michigan. Unfortunately, he hasn't mad up his mind on whether he's going to school or pro. Keep your fingers crossed.

More Michigan Basketball, Football and other Michigan related nonsense after the jump.....

Michigan Basketball

Michigan's John Beilein, Manny Harris need each other - According to Wojo: "Beilein desperately needs a boost, something to convince us he's more than just a smart, gentlemanly leader of an up-and-down, underachieving program. Harris needs to round out his game and show he can be the focal point of an offense."

Beilein, players defend coaching decision in final seconds - There's no right answer on this one. Personally, I would've pressured Turner more. with one guy throwing the length of the court it's still 5 on four. When you've got numbers, you've got the advantage on the inbounds. But all that aside, Turner's shot doesn't fall the other 999 times he tries that. Sometimes you're just unlucky.

Michigan basketball players dissect what went wrong in a season of struggles - There's no easy way to say "everything."

U-M coach John Beilein faces questions in wake of disappointing season  - Hey look. Someone's suffering! Let's go over and kick them!

The 2010 Big Ten Basketball Season in Groovy Chart Form - The Only Colors analyzes the offensive and defensive performances of each Big Ten team during the 2010 Big Ten basketball season using trendline graphs. Read Michigan's and weep.

The Pride of Chesterton: Michigan sophomore Zack Novak a celebrity in his hometown  - On Novak's hometown:

A singing deer is mounted on the wall and a bear’s head hangs above the bar in the Village Tavern. There’s a jukebox in the corner and wood paneling lines the walls.

Thank you Mike Rothstein. It's everything I thought it would be.

Scout.com: Is Grand Ledge big man Jon Horford on Verge of UM Offer? - yes plz. More on Michigan's basketball recruiting in UM Hoops.com Recruiting Roundup. 

College Hoops

Mayo Speaks Out: "I never got paid" - via Conquest Chronicles - I know this isn't Michigan related, but I've followed the USC basketball "scandal" from the get go and I've never been impressed with the level of reporting or investigation that's occurred. Maybe something bad happened. Maybe it didn't. But no one other than a convicted felon came forward with any type of statement, self serving or otherwise. Some friends of mine have disagreed with my stance on this, but it never seemed to add up. It's not like Mayo's own self serving statements now change anything. Admittedly, there are deeper levels than a NBA guard saying he was clean in college, but this whole situation speaks more to the dirtiness of the people around high school and college athletes than the kids themselves. And it's not a problem limited to southern california, it's a problem everywhere.

What a weekend! - From the Barn revels in the Gopher's tournament bid.

Transfer Bug Resurfaces for Iowa Basketball - Jesus, and you thought Rodriguez' had a transfer problem. The Iowa head coach can't even keep his son around!

Todd Lickliter And Gary Barta Meeting This Morning. Oh Boy - Iowa athletic director Gary Barta and basketball coach Todd Lickliter are set to meet this morning to discuss Lickliter's future with the basketball team. The long and short, Lickliter was removed as Iowa's head coach.

More on Notre Dame and the Big 11 Ten

Big Ten expansion may force Notre Dame to consider giving up football independence - The other shoe drops

Golden Opportunity - Has Expansion Always Been About Notre Dame? - By carefully staging press releases, offering open-ended answers, and misdirecting attention to decoy programs (Missouri, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, Texas), Jim Delany's slight of hand might accomplish in eight months what 20 years of traditional diplomacy could not: Notre Dame to the Big Ten.

The Wiz of Odds: Move to Big Ten Makes (Dollars and) Sense for Irish - more on the ND to BT rumors, now with Money!

AD: Expansion could stifle Notre Dame's independent streak - More on Notre Dame potentially joining the Conference. 

Michigan Football

Detroit News' Top 15 high school football players in Michigan

Michigan Wolverines AD reiterates Rich Rodriguez's job as football coach is safe - Michigan athletic director David Brandon says there's nothing in the NCAA allegations hovering over the football team that has put coach Rich Rodriguez job status in question.

Ryan Kartje: Rodriguez, right or wrong, stands to suffer most from NCAA violations - The Daily on Rodriguez

Experts question Warren's decision to leave early - Warren's combine numbers apparently weren't too good. Looks like he may have dropped from the second round to the later rounds. Not good news for a good kid.

College Football

Take a ride on the coaching carousel - The OS put together a list of all the coaching changes in D1A. This is pretty spectacular when you think about it.

Oregon QB formally charged with burglary - Dude. Seriously? Maybe getting the tar beat out of him repeatedly by OSU was enough to giggle a brain cell or two loose. But, man, get your head out of your ass.

Whatever happened to baby Jags? - Joining Division 1 football ain't easy. The year old South Alabama Jaguars don't even have enough players to field a spring game.

Big Ten 2010 // Indiana Spring Field Guide - From now through the end of May, The Rivalry will be dedicating a week to individual programs, and providing daily team insight and analysis.

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