St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour Doesn't Need Green Beer to Celebrate

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As the name of this blog implies, we like booze. A lot. I assume I can safely speak for everyone here on this subject. It's a way of life. It's my way of life. And I intend to keep it that way. There are, of course, certain things I can't do anymore. I'm simply getting older. I'm married. My tastes are getting expensive. And, well, I tend to be a jackass. Under the terms of the Chivas Accord of 2008, I am no longer allowed to touch blended Scotch at weddings. The Gastro Summit of 2005 means Pabst Blue Ribbon is only consumable at tailgates or on ski slopes. And according to some Judge in Savannah I am required to wear long pants within the State of Georgia irrespective of how much liquor I put into my system. My lawyer in Atlanta is looking into this, but I'm not hopeful. Stupid pants.

Anyway, for the Irish people toady is a day of great revelry. Today marks the highest sales of beer and liquor of any day on my beautiful Island Nation. Ironically, St. Patty's Day is followed by the Day of Reconciliation where Ireland tries to explain why there are cars on top of buildings and sees its annual spike in purchases of the morning after pill. Thankfully, many of these great traditions have made their way over to America (mostly on the backs of Irish and Chinese railroad workers). However one "tradition" that must stop, and stop now, is the idiotic notion that putting green food coloring in Bud Light makes it more "Irish."

Stop it. Stop it now.

If someone is excited about "green beer" punch them in the side of the head, take their wallet, and buy yourself a real beer with their money.

So let'stalk about real beer shall we? Obviously, your drink of choice should be Guinness. Usually this is a little sophisticated for the American pallette, but for a mick like me, it's like drinking heaven. Grow a sack, put down that rice beer (Bud Light in particular /rech/), and drink something that tastes like beer. Next, if you need an ale, is Smithwick's Ale. A thoroughly enjoyable Ale without any hint of bitter hoppy aftertaste. Goes down so smooth you won't notice that it's now 3am and you've got to be at work in 3 hours. Beamish Irish Stout is a smoother, sweeter version of Guiness that tends to be a little chocolate-ish. Too sweet for me, but good on occassion. And Harp Lager, a favorite of Mrs. Brew which is the most "American" style of the Irish lagers. You'll probably like it.

In terms of Booze, my personal favorite and favorite of the Brew Family, is 10 Year Old Bushmills. You can have Jameson's, which is good in it's own right, but my preference of the Irish Brown Liquors is the Bushmills 10.

So armed with this knowledge, go forth and REVEL!

Oh Yeah, Sports Related Stuff

The Wolverine Blog was at the First Day of Spring Practice. Photos, Devin Gardner, and impressions of the new guys. Mgoblog also covers Rich Rodriguez' presser from yesterday.

Twitter is Useful - Red confirmed that Hunwick will start against Miami. Unless Hogan's 100%, doesn't make sense to play him with the way the team has responded to Shawn.

Zack Novak Cares about his Pi - When you can dunk and get your Pi on, the sky is the limit.

Bret Bielema is on to you Nzegwu  - No tweets for you. I will enforce this decree for the "remainder of tweeting", or 15 minutes. Whichever lasts until I have a sandwich.

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got "work" to do.

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