Monday Happy Hour Revels in a Sweep, Prays for the Big Ten Tournament, and Welcomes Dave Brandon

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Michigan Finally Unleashed It's Secret Four Armed Hockey Monster on LSSU (photo: Ariel Bond, the Daily)

Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Today is our new Athletic Director Dave Brandon's first official day on the job. We're thrilled to have you Dave. Go Blue!

Michigan Tops Lake Superior State in Game One of CCHA Playoff - Sometimes you need a little luck to get rolling. Michigan's first round opponent lost it's top line to the flu. Instead of feeling sorry for the Lakers, the Wolverines went out and hammered them. Then, the next day, Caporusso's Hat Trick Gives Michigan a Sweep of LSSU. 

Perhaps more important than Capo's Hat Trick is the fact that Shawn Hunwick stopped 28 shots for his first career shutout and playoff win. That's not bad for a kid that's sat on the bench for three years. Up until last weekend Hunwickhadn't seen the ice since his freshman year. His career won loss record prior to this weekend was 1-1, with both of those decisions coming against Notre Dame in the season's last regular season series. Here's hoping the offense woke up and Hunwick stays hot. Yost Built sums it up best: Where the Hell has this Been All Year? When you have an 11 goal outburst, especially from an offense that's struggled to score goals all season, Sometimes you've gotta scratch your head.  MSU is next. Bracket is 'mere:


Michigan played MSU tough in their meetings this year and is fully capable of taking it to the Spartans. The Spartans are rested, but Michigan finally is playing well. Puck drops at 7:05pm, Friday Night at Munn.

2010 Big Ten Basketball Tournament Bracket courtesy of UM Hoops. We get Iowa and, hopefully, Ohio State. We miss Purdue, but don't have to face MSU again until (conceivably) the finals. For the record, Michigan has to win three straight games to be guaranteed a .500 record on the season. I certainly didn't think I'd be writing that at the end of this year. NIT, let a lone NCAA Tournament hope is optional and not advised.

Terry Foster (Detnews) Says Michigan Basketball is Stalled and Other Stupid Things - Look. I don't argue with part of your premise, Terry. Not at all. Michigan is short. It doesn't shoot well. It's presently manned by kids who (for the most part) aren't Big Ten players. However, the rest of your article.... well.... is awful.

Ex. 1: "Sims will probably leave after this season..."

Probably? He's out of eligibility. So yes, he HAS to leave.

Ex. 2 "If you are in the Big Ten you should have at least a 50 percent chance of making the tournament."

No. You would have a 45% chance. There are 11 teams. If five make it (as with this year), you have a 45.454545...% chance. There is a difference between these numbers that is statistically significant. Based on the quality of Mid Majors and other conferences, the Big Ten is not guaranteed to send six teams to the Dance every year.

Finally, and my favorite:

Ex. 3 "Meanwhile Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Oakland University and of course Michigan State have all played in NCAA tournament games since Michigan last did."

What? Did you write this in 2008 and just publish this? No? This was published today. Wait. You site last year's tourney run. Alright. Just so we're clear tho, Michigan played in last year's NCAA tournament. You might have seen it. Was there another tournament I missed in between? No? Okay then. Then what the hell are you talking about?

Ex. 4 "I'm only bringing up reality."

No. You are bringing up an alternative reality. This is just piling on a rough season for this team rather than offering anything constructive. When I see columns like this, one thing comes to mind.


(More after the jump..............) 

Michigan Men's Basketball

Michigan State drop kicks Michigan, 64-48.

Mens Gymnastics meet vs. Oklahoma Saturday, February 20th, 2010.  (Anna Schulte/Daily)

At least Honky Magic came to play. Zack Gibson pumped in a team high 10 points in his final regular season game. That is all. (As always, photo credit to the Michigan Daily's Ariel Bond)

'His Brother's Keeper:' Michigan forward DeShawn Sims plays for his brother and his family - Mike Rothstein at AnnArbor dot Comdrops a wonderful, honestly heart wrenching piece on DeShawn Sims. Great work by Rothstein and a must read.

So Far Away - I've made it known I'm a huge fan of Genuinely Sarcasticwhen they're posting. They write well. They make good points. But I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, and get a grip when it comes to th basketball season. Last year's tournament run was improbable, but it happened. Unfortunately it also gave everyone a false sense of confidence going into the season. A losing campaign later, and everyone's ready to wave the white flag on Beilein and the team. Really? Have we reached the point where we're this impatient? Beilein's'10 recruiting class is one of the better classes Michigan's seen in a decade. Darius Morris will be a Big Ten star. Sure we're a little short, but he'll recruit someone to play center. Everyone breath deep. More on this later.

Wolverines' decade in the wilderness - That's the polite way to put it. Wasted Decade. Decade of FAIL. Decade of infinite sadness. Joe Howley points out, correctly, that since that 51 point loss to the Spartans in 2000 the competition on the hardwood hasn't been close. I think what he forgets is that according to the NCAA's rulings, Michigan basically didn't play basketball for the decade before.

The Life of a Freshman Point Guard - UM on the life and times of one Darius Morris.

Michigan basketball team received more contributions than normal in Ohio State loss - Article included only for "hur hur, basketball and money" title. Just a rehash of the OSU game.

Michigan Wolverines Football

DeAnthony Arnett and Shawn Conway among brightest stars at Michigan Football Showcase - Sam Webb remains awesome in his recruiting coverage and give some great insight into Conway and Michigan's other top In State receiving target DeAnthony Arnett. Also a big section on potential linemen (including Chicago Simeon guard Chris Bryant who is 6'5" and 330!). A great recruiting read.

High School Paper fluff on Shawn Conway's verbal to Michigan Anyone panicking about his numbers needs to realize something, when you walk into a Junior Day combine and walk away with an offer from Michigan, you're something special. Requisite "he is a physical specimen and a freak on the football field" quote included.

Spring practice stock characters: The Heir Apparent - Dr. Saturday picks the new players that should, ney, will have to make a difference in 2010. Justin Turner? Yeah. He's there.

Michigan Women's Basketball

Lady Wolverines likely headed to WNIT - Say what you want about the NIT, this is serious progress for the women's program. My hat's off to Kevin Borseth and his staff.

Fluff on one of Lady Wolverines' outstanding recruits, Val Driscoll - Driscoll is "a three-time Catholic Central League all-star, and is a shoo-in for a fourth." She's also one of Boston's Top 10 players to watch. Great get for the Women's team.

College Football

Counterpoint, Rutgers Doesn't Deserve the Big Ten - Cosign one thousand times.

ESPN sets your New Year's agenda (You only care about the SEC and Big Ten, right?) - Dr. Saturday points out that ESPN's unholy alliance with the SEC and Big Ten means there will be three Big Ten games on at the same time. LAME!

Suppose they gave a bowl and nobody came? - Doug Gillett over at Dr. Saturday poses us a question no one wants to answer: Who wants more bowl games!? No one. God. Please make it stop. I can't take it anymore. It is already statistically harder to MISS the post season than to make it. Further, the bowl expansion would require four more teams than were eligible last season to make this work!

Larry. Stop. You're killing your father.

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