Thursday Happy Hour Wants an All Michigan Stanely Cup and other Big Ten Expansion Items

MONTREAL- MAY 10: Mike Cammalleri #13 of the Montreal Canadiens scores a goal on Marc-Andre Fleury #29 of the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Six of WOOOOOO GO BLUE WOOOOOO! (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Canadiens top Penguins in Seven Games- Recap - Former Wolverine Mike Cammalleri netted 7 goals in the series leading everyone. How awesome is this? BTW, if Boston beats Philly, all four semi-finalist will have Michigan Wolverines on their roster.

Predicting if Notre Dame, expansion candidates will jump ship  - Andy Staples gives a fairly conclusive breakdown of the candidates for Big Ten expansion along with their chances of joining the conference. One of the better summaries out there. His predictions are little suspect, but the base info isn't bad.

College Football Expansion: Big Ten commish Delany e-mails conference officials and more - Delany squashes your conference expansion rumors the way an elephant squashes an ant.

U-M draws Clemson in ACC-Big Ten Challenge - The now Oliver Purnell-less Clemson Tigers. Still can't believe he left Clemson for DePaul.

Big Ten Expansion

KU, MU fans don’t like the idea of Border War ending  - I really hope this is just over-reaction because I would hate to see one of the meanest, nastiest, ugliest, town-burnin'-downiest rivalries in college football come to an end. As much as there is dislike in all the Big Ten rivalries, no one ever went to the rival town, slaughtered everyone and BURNED THAT MOTHERFUCKER TO THE GROUND. You simply cannot beat this rivalry with anything. And if expansion kills that rivalry college football, ney, the world, will be the worse because of it. HT: Rock Chalk Talk

Today's hypothetical expansion scenario: Boise State heads for the Mountain (West, that is) - If you're looking for further proof that the MWC will become the next BCS conference once the Big east is dead and buried it's the fact that a statement like this is more probable than not. 

The Mountain West Conference presidents meet next month, and there’s at least a decent chance that they will formally invite BSU — if not immediately after the gathering, then before July 1.

If Big 10 calls, Missouri will listen hard - College Football - File under "duh"

Does Playing In the Big 12 Influence Nebraska's Ability to Recruit In Texas? - If you're gonna play in Texas... it really doesn't matter how many Texas players you'e got. As Corn Nation points out, at the height of the Osborne-title-winning years, there weren't a lot of Texas athletes on the Nebraska roster.

Headlinin': Their old SEC home is on Seminoles' radar, just in case - FSU and Miami in the SEC scare me. And if the conference Armageddon we're predicting comes to pass it's a real possibility.

Big Ten Expansion - the case for UConn - The Daily Gopher tries to make a case for UConn. I have no idea why.

Michigan Football

A Deeper Look at Special Teams - If you asked for it, here it is.

Analyst: Denard Robinson will earn starting QB job at U-M - Gerry DiNardo of the Big Ten Network: 'Denard runs the ball better than Tate (Forcier) does. You don't have to block everybody with Denard Robinson running the ball.'

Big Ten analyst has his top three schools, but after that ... - Yeah. Nothing. Past OSU, Iowa and Wisconsin the conference is a reloading mess. One thing of note, I heart Jerry DiNardo 

"I think the way Rich wants to play offense is out in the open," DiNardo said. "He's a run coach, he's not a pass coach, and Denard runs the ball better than Tate does. You don't have to block everybody with Denard Robinson running the ball. You can miss a block, you can miss a read, you can make a mistake and they still can't tackle you."

College Football

Miami gives coach Randy Shannon new 4-year deal - Head coach Randy Shannon and the University of Miami have finally reached an agreement on a contract extension. I'm happy for the guy. Shannon seems to be one of the good guys of college football and someone who legitimately belongs at Miami.

Meme Watch: Welcome Arkansas, official 2010 darkhorse of the SEC - No they're not. Arkansas' defense is a effective at stopping the run as a pile of rubber bands laid on the road are at stopping a semi. They'll score points, but it'll be interesting to see which defense is worse, Arkansas' or Michigan's.

Lynn Henning is Really Old - I understand the meme of "we could've had Kelly" but he hasn't coached a game yet at Notre Dame. Further, this is the type of thing people bring up when they don't know what they're talking about.

Michigan State a couple of times loosely interviewed a guy named Jim Tressel for its coaching vacancies. Tressel, by the way, now coaches at a place called Ohio State.

Really? Oh Man! They could've had Tressel! Dumbasses!

Christ Lynn. No one knew Tressel would blossom into a MNC winning coach the same way no one knew Lloyd Carr would either. It's a crap shoot. Coaches with outstanding track records have failed and those with no track record have succeeded.

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