Tuesday Happy Hour Surveys the Field

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 11: Darius Morris #4 of the Michigan Wolverines reacts against the Illinois Fighting Illini during the quarterfinals of the 2011 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 11, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Michigan won 60-55. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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Today's Happy Hour will focus on a look around the tournament - get excited for some special headers!

Michigan Basketball

Looking Back on the Conference - The Daily has a good recap of Michigan's conference season that started disappointingly and finished on a very high note, catapulting this young team to the Big Dance.

The Fab Five Documentary Airs - I'd encourage all of you to go watch this fascinating ESPN piece on the Fab Five. The "Duke = Uncle Toms" comment has very little impact on a potential second round matchup, but look for pundits to make a big deal of it.

Scouting the Opponent - The News looks at how Tennessee might attack the Wolverines.  I'd agree with the assessment of the Volunteers, and I'd also add that I've watched exactly zero UT games, but I hear Bruce Pearl's pissed at Jim Tressel for stealing his thunder.

Wojo Looks at State Teams - In this brief and overly metaphorical look at the three Michigan teams in the Big Dance, Wojo from the News doesn't really say a lot, but it's worth a look if you've never heard of Michigan, Michigan State or Oakland.  Why are you here?

More Tennessee Previews - Dylan from UMHoops looks at Tennessee, and points out that, like Michigan, Tennessee can beat anyone and also lose to anyone, making Friday's game a tossup.  Great piece.  Tossup? Maybe not so much:

Clemson, Michigan State and Minnesota are probably the teams on Michigan’s schedule with a statistical profile most similar to Tennessee. Clemson isn’t quite as good on the offensive glass but is better defensively while Minnesota’s numbers are skewed by their late season tumble. Michigan State is an equally horrendous shooting team and does a great job on the offensive glass but doesn’t force nearly as many turnovers. Michigan is 4-1 versus those teams, which could be a good sign.

Mets Maize on life - Jeff chimes in with everything from his thoughts on the tourney to the Fab Five documentary, which came out at exactly the right time.  Good stuff and fun pictures.

THJ in Yahoo's 10 To Watch - The Dagger correctly identifies Tim Hardaway, Jr. as one of the 10 possible breakout players in this year's tournament.  If he keeps lighting it up, Michigan will be dangerous.  Duh.

Big Ten Basketball

Painful Memories for Illini Hail to the Orange looks at the Lon Kruger story and goes back in time for some orange-speckled history.  Also check out HTOTO for some post-BTT coverage if you're so inclined.

Breaking Down the East - Eleven Warriors checks out the Buckeyes' bracket and analyzes the teams as potential OSU opponents.  Let's hope Mason can pull off some upsets.  Also, OSU playing in Cleveland?  What home-court advantage.  Comes with being the #1 overall seed, I guess.

Join TOC's Bracket Contest - I love this idea.  Pete over at The Only Colors is running KJ's nontraditional contest this year, which seems like a lot of fun.  Pick 16 teams, you get points based on the seed of the teams that win.  Check it out.  Now.  March also marks the time when many Wolverines root for Sparty.  Yeah, I know it's tough and the rivalry has become contentious, but I like seeing Michigan teams do well.

Tennessee Basketball

Familiarity Breeds, uh, What Exactly? - Rocky Top Talk discusses the deja vu currently revolving about the Tennessee fanbase.  I like these guys.  Don't take themselves too seriously, and seem to have a good time reveling in the absurd.  A fun blog.

More on Pearl's Beilein Mancrush - Yeah.  Apparently BP wanted to run Beilein's zone a few years back.  Love the 1-3-1.  Screw Syracuse's zone.

Everyone Else

Bill Clinton Talks Hoyas, NCAA Basketball - One of the perks of having Bill Clinton as an alum is that Casual Hoya gets to post an interview with him.  Good stuff.  Casually.  Oh, and Georgetown gets Chris Wright back.  They'll be dangerous in this tournament.

Pressure on Texas - Rick Barnes has underperformed in the NCAA Tournament despite having such talents as Kevin Durant.  Yahoo has a good series on teams with question marks entering the tournament, check it out.  Plus, you'll make Dave really happy.  As always, check out Burnt Orange Nation for all things Texas.

More Tourney Picks - I for one do not welcome our overlords over at SBN's tourney picks.  Michigan winning one game sounds about right, but hey, maybe they can shock the world.  And Georgetown losing to VCU? Not going to happen.

The Success Rate of Seeds - SBN looks at the success rate of seeds historically and humorously.  Dave had this graphic up earlier, but read the article if you haven't already.

Incredibly Important YouTube Clip Of the Moment

Here's the Fab Five documentary in its entirety.  Get on that.  Cheers, Michigan Faithful!

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