Maize n Brew's BlogPoll Ballot: Make Room for the Gators

Mike Ehrmann

Let's give some respect to the best one loss team in the country.

I have made my decision.

All year Alabama has gotten the benefit of the doubt, and for pretty good reason: the Tide are on a different level than everyone else. Problem is, the Tide didn't play the kind of schedule that can hold up to the list of highly ranked teams that Florida has bested. Of the top-12 teams in the BCS rankings, Florida has wins over four of them.

A full one-third of the top 12 teams in the country has played and lost to Florida.

Those other 11 teams have 16 losses total this year. Florida was the winner in one-quarter of those games.

Florida's only loss is to the team that is third in the BCS, and that loss was by eight points.

Yeah, Florida wins games ugly, doesn't have much of an offense, and gets by on special teams, defense, and a heaping helping of luck. So what. Scoreboard, bitches.

I know all of this is in vain. Alabama is going to beat the pants off Georgia, everyone is going to hand the Tide the golden ticket, and we will get to watch the Bama defense feast on Everett Golson's entrails in January. But still, you gotta sit back and admire what Florida did this year. It was truly something to behold, even if it wasn't always pretty.

A couple other thoughts:

- I am pretty comfortable with the 7-11 range of two-loss teams, but I could be pursuaded to move one or another up or down one spot. Tough to differentiate between them.

- I am still way down on Georgia. Sure, the Florida win looks good, but the Bulldogs haven't beaten any other ranked team while getting blown out by South Carolina.

- Ohio State is the main victim of Florida's jump, but number four is still a good ranking. The Buckeyes didn't quite play a schedule the level of Notre Dame or Florida, but going undefeated is still a tall task.

- I'd like to thank EVERYBODY beyond 15th in last week's ballot for losing this week. Made my job much tougher this week. I gave a lot of love to the one-loss mid majors, but didn't ding Clemson, Oregon State, and UCLA for losing to top-12 teams.

- Michigan hangs around as admittedly a bit of a homer pick, but with losses to three of my top four and a top-15 team in Nebraska, you can't say Michigan didn't at least play a rough schedule and in most cases play it close.

- Penn State, man. Who saw that one coming.

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