Monday Morning Game Wrap: Disappointment Reigns


Want to relive this one? Read on, brave soul.

Michigan's tailbacks struggle again as offensive line falters -

Denard Robinson proved to be Michigan's only source of rushing production, racking up 122 yards on 10 carries while playing tailback and quarterback without attempting a pass. But Ohio State figured out the Robinson riddle in the second half, creeping in its safeties and holding the senior to minus-2 yards on four carries after he gained 124 yards in the first half. Without him, the Michigan rushing attack stalled completely.

Incomprehension - The Hoover Street Rag

So I'm never going to understand this feeling. Michigan lost four games away from home to what look to be the two teams in the BCS National Championship game, a likely Rose Bowl participant, and team that finished an undefeated season. They were in three of those four games, but they couldn't close the deal. So we're 8-4 headed to Bowl season, where pretty much everyone had us before the season started. Yet, it feels so empty, no upsets, no missed opportunities against lesser foes, plenty of moments where victory was snatched out of the jaws of defeat, but also moments where things were given away in the most incomprehensible fashion. So Orlando or Tampa for New Year's and back to where we were. I guess it is true, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Maize and Blue Nation: Michigan Football Blog: Boom Denarded Dot Gif - Maize and Blue Nation.

We'll always have this GIF.

Five plays that changed the game - Maize and Blue News

This will be a play remembered by Michigan fans for a long, long time. The Wolverines had moved the ball very well in the first half, picking up 219 yards of total offense. At the start of the third quarter, that pattern seemed to be continuing as Michigan moved the ball out the 48 yard line. Challenging to enter Ohio State territory, the Wolverines attempted to run Thomas Rawls up the middle on third and two, but failed to gain any yardage. Michigan initially appeared to be planning to punt the ball, but instead called a timeout, then sent the offense back onto the field.

Deserving Better (Ohio 26, Michigan 21) -

After the 2001 Michigan State Spartan Bob game Lloyd Carr summed up how he felt about his team, when he said, "They deserve better." Kovacs was on the brink of tears in the postgame. The defense made huge players to keep Michigan in this one but the offense couldn’t move the ball in the second half. The opportunity for a historic win was out there. They deserve better.

In a mistake-filled game, Ohio State beats Michigan, 26-21 - The Michigan Daily

For most of the morning and afternoon here on Saturday, a faint snow fell from a slate-colored sky, an appropriate backdrop for the renewal of the timeless Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. But after a second half spent looking for answers that ultimately eluded them, the Wolverines could only trudge away solemnly, their mood mirrored by the still-gray heavens above them. Hundreds of Ohio State students and fans rushed past them onto the field once the clock read zeroes, fueled by the kind of euphoria that can only result from a win in this game.

OSU Healing Picture If Al Borges Ran the MZone - MZone

The MZone responds in the obvious taking a shot at Iowa.

Ohio State 26, Michigan 21 - Touch The Banner

I told you so but I wish I didn't. Last week I railed against the usage of Denard Robinson, saying that using Denard so much last week a) set him up to get injured, b) might limit his effectiveness against OSU, and c) took away the element of surprise of using him in the backfield and at receiver. People responded by saying that they were glad Michigan used him because it would give Urban Meyer trouble preparing for this week's game. How did that go for you? Denard tweaked his elbow injury last week and didn't throw even once this game. Michigan also ran very few plays with Robinson and Devin Gardner on the field, running a very vanilla and predictable offense. I guess all that stuff last week was just for fun.

If you listen closely at the end of this article you can hear Magnus drop the mic.

Quick Hits: No. 4 Ohio State 26, No. 20 Michigan 21 -

WHAT MICHIGAN LOST: With Nebraska winning on Friday, the Wolverines had no chance to get to the Big Ten Championship game, but that doesn't mean a win over Ohio State would have meant any less. Instead, the Wolverines will have to settle for an 8-4 season and a New Year's Day bowl, which has to be a little disappointing following last year's Sugar Bowl win.

It might be a long time before Ohio State loses again -

Obviously, in the world of college football, the upset is always a possibility. Ohio State nearly succumbed to it multiple times in 2012. Still, looking at that schedule, it's hard to see Ohio State being considered an underdog in any game but one. And that would be in Ann Arbor on Nov. 30. In other words, a year from now, we could be in the same spot we are right now. With Michigan the only thing standing between Ohio State and a 12-0 regular season.

Gaaaaahhhhh, kill me.

Top 25 reviewed: Notre Dame works the process -

20. Michigan. I was at this game, and if you have a copy of Al Borges' gameplan, please email it to me because I, too, like ridiculous and nonsensical things. A hard, 26-21 loss to Ohio State.

What we learned in the Big Ten: Week 13 - Big Ten Blog

2. Michigan isn't really back: Sure, the Wolverines have dug themselves out from the Rich Rodriguez-created crater, and they had a charmed season end in a Sugar Bowl title last season. But in terms of beating really good teams, the ones that signify Michigan once again has a place among the nation's elite, Brady Hoke's crew is still looking for a breakthrough. Michigan won a respectable eight games, but its four losses in the regular season -- Alabama, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Ohio State -- came against the best four teams it played. The Wolverines were extremely fortunate to beat a good Northwestern team and a mediocre Michigan State squad on their home field. While it was nice to end the losing streak against Ohio State last season, Michigan beat the worst Buckeyes team we've seen in more than a decade. The offense still seems hamstrung in some ways by the Denard Robinson era, though the emergence of Devin Gardner is promising for the future. There are signs Michigan is close, and the renaissance on defense under Hoke and Greg Mattison can't be denied. But it'll take a bit longer for Michigan to truly claim it is back, although a Jan. 1 bowl victory against an SEC foe would help.

A strong indictment. He isn't wrong.

Michigan Wolverines missed opportunities were predictable against Ohio State Buckeyes - Wolverine Nation

Then predictability happened. Turnovers showed up. It was the same old, same old Michigan football team away from home against an opponent with any quality, and the Wolverines were deemed not quite good enough again. It was another road game against a top opponent and another letdown for Michigan, another chance to take a step forward as a program and to establish themselves as an emerging power in the Big Ten washed away with the same predictable problems in a 26-21 loss to Ohio State. Turnovers, which doomed Michigan against Notre Dame, showed up against Ohio State in three fumbles lost and an interception. Offensive predictability, which showed up against Nebraska and even in a victory over Michigan State, was amplified against the Buckeyes.

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