Hyundai Fanthropology Wants You To Go Bowling


Are you a diehard fan of the Michigan Wolverines? If you are then Hyundai would like for you to prove it. They just might send you to the bowl game of your choice.

Michigan fans live in every corner of the country, in every corner of the world. Many of you are what we like to refer to as "diehards": you're the type to tell your daughter not to get married on the day of the Ohio State game. Hyundai has come to SB Nation looking for the most diehard of diehards, and I know that the Michigan fan base has some of the most insanely committed fans in the country.

How do we end up becoming diehard fans? Why do we become diehard fans? These are two questions that need to be answered on an individual basis. We all have our own reasons for being such dedicated fans.

How did I become a diehard? Simple: I played football from fourth grade all the way through high school, and after learning the basics of the game I started to watch unhealthy amounts of football. I naturally gravitated toward college football because of the passion and electricity I felt when watching it, and since my parents are fans of the Wolverines I quickly grew fond of them as well.

I was only six years old when Michigan earned a share of the National Championship in 1997, so I was more content with throwing a Nerf ball around the living room with my school friend instead of actually paying attention to the contest against Washington State. By the time the early 2000s came around I was heavily immersed in the game, and I was cemented into a diehard state when Braylon Edwards single-handily brought down Michigan State.

If you're a diehard you know what game I'm talking about. I was sitting in front of a massive HDTV in Saginaw with my cousins, and midway through the game they abandoned me to go play Super Mario Bros. They thought the game was over, as the Spartans dominated the vast majority of the game. I insisted that "Michigan is just letting them get their confidence up", and boy were they ever. Chad Henne threw bomb after bomb to the legendary #1 jersey, and hours and overtime periods later I was officially hooked.

Years later I would realize that Michigan is also an elite academic institution and take aim for Ann Arbor. Now I sit at a computer in Shapiro Undergraduate Library, typing up an article to other diehard Michigan fans on a website created by other diehards.

That's my story. What's yours? Hyundai wants you to tell us in the comments, and if your story is convincing enough you could be selected to receive an amazing trip to the bowl game of your choice. How it works:

  1. You leave your story in the comments. How did you become a diehard Michigan fan? Why are you so loyal to Michigan and the winged helmet? Tell us the whole story in as many words as you can muster up.
  2. Maize n Brew selects one of you to be the site's finalist.
  3. I have a conversation with the site's chosen finalist, and if Hyundai thinks our conversation trumps all of the other sites' conversations you'll be headed to the regular season game or bowl game of your choice. The prize includes airfare, hotel accommodations and game tickets for two. So yes, it's easily worth your time to tell us your story.

So there it is. Don't be afraid to tell us the whole story. We're looking forward to selecting the most diehard Wolverine fan on the web.


By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.

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