Friday Happy Hour owns Washtenaw County

Mitch "CRUNK" McGary making a crunkly play. - Gregory Shamus

So, how about some links? Is the apocalypse happening? Anybody hear? Leave a comment below if you've heard anything...seriously. Don't keep that kind of information to yourself, man.

--Ace with his postgame recap of last night's game provides an interesting juxtaposition:

Mitch McGary, 2012 Scout four-star center, played with his usual manic energy, tallying his first career double-double (10 pts., 11 reb.) in only 18 minutes of action. His counterpart, Eastern seven-footer Da'Shonte Riley—a 2009 Scout four-star—didn't attempt a field goal and had six rebounds (all defensive) to go with three blocks, four fouls, and two turnovers in 30 minutes.

--Nick Baumgardner:

Michigan said before the game that the longer this winning streak goes, the more pressure the team puts on itself to see how long it can stay unbeaten. Michigan's got one non-conference game left, vs. Central Michigan on Dec. 29, to make it a perfect 13-0 in non-league play. And, at 12-0, they've accomplished something the 1989 national title team never did.

--Rod Beard:

With the victory, Michigan improved to 12-0, the second-best start in school history, trailing only the 16-0 streak to begin the 1985-86 season. The victory bettered the 11-game start of the 1988-89 squad that went on to win the national championship.

--In case you're worried that you might not get enough head-explodingly intense THERE'S SO MUCH TRADITION rhetoric re: this year's national title game, well: a) why would that be a worry that you would have and b) here's a list from the Wall Street Journal compiling matchups of each school's famous alumni in various categories.

Alumnus Who Inspires Us Even Though He's Not Actually Real:

President Bartlet vs. Forrest Gump

Never has there been a U.S. president as perfect as Jed Bartlet, the Notre Dame alumnus played by Martin Sheen on "The West Wing." He was also fiercely loyal to the Fighting Irish, once forcing one of his staffers to wear a Notre Dame cap for making a crack about his alma mater. It would take an implausibly diverse, historically significant résumé to top President Bartlet's. Enter Forrest Gump. Not only was he a Medal-of-Honor-winning war hero and wildly successful seafood purveyor, he was also an accomplished cross-sport athlete: an All-American football player for the Tide, an internationally renowned table-tennis star and a legendary distance runner who repeatedly ran across the country for no good reason.

Thing I learned? Bernie Madoff apparently attended Alabama for a little while. Okay.

--Stewart Mandel argues in favor of the the glut of bowl games:

Last Saturday, at almost exactly the same time that Butler took No. 1 Indiana to overtime (and eventually won) in the most eventful college basketball game of the season, Arizona scored two touchdowns in the final 46 seconds of the New Mexico Bowl to stun Nevada, 49-48.

Having switched furiously back and forth between both broadcasts, I'm not sure how the Nielsen ratings would count my household. But when the overnight ratings came in, the football game garnered a 1.9, the basketball game a 1.5. The Utah State-Toledo Potato Bowl played later the same day received a 1.8.

Personally, I agree. Yes, we know that the entire system is corrupt and a sham, but if people are arguing against the system because they think watching 6-6 and 7-5 teams duke it out for a meaningless trophy is beneath them, that I cannot abide. Every year there are plenty of great lower tier bowl games --last year's Utah State-Ohio and Louisiana Lafayette-San Diego State games come to mind-- that we wouldn't get to see if certain folks had their way, scything games out of existence all nimbly bimbly. Well, guess what: you can pry the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl out of my cold dead hands. More football>>>less football. This is undeniable fact.

--Over at Garnet and Black Attack, some interesting football-related stuff (remember football?) went up yesterday regarding the quarterback situation. If you'll remember, starter Connor Shaw left the Wofford game with an injury and sat out the Clemson game entirely to end the season, paving the way for a start for backup Dylan Thompson. Spurrier said some things about the QB situation, not that there is a "situation" given how well Shaw had played all year:

Quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus: "[Connor] has done well and thrown the ball beautifully the past couple of days."

Coach Spurrier reiterated on his call in show that both quarterbacks will play and that Connor needs to improve on getting the ball out of his hand sooner when receivers are open downfield.

--Here is a gif of Bronco Mendenhall getting FIRED UP during last night's Poinsettia Bowl (HT: edsbs). In case you missed it, the Cougars handled SDSU, 23-6. Vanquish the Foe has more gifs and a recap. I admittedly didn't catch much of BYU after their opening week game against Washington State, but I'm curious how a team with that defense can lose five games.

--Meanwhile, Spencer Hall compared last night's game to Steve Buscemi's face.

--This is apropos of nothing, but this gif of Tyson Chandler just cannot go unlinked (HT to SBN's wonderful Knicks blog Posting and Toasting).

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