Monday Happy Hour is Hurtin' at Home

Feb. 25, 2012; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Purdue Boilermakers guard Lewis Jackson (23) shoots the ball over Michigan Wolverines guard/forward Zack Novak (0) in the first half at Crisler Center. Purdue won 75-61. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Saturday night Michigan couldn't keep up with Purdue, and as such the Wolverines lost a chance to sweep the home schedules of both the basktball and football team this year. C'est la vie.

There will be more coming on the basketball game shortly, as well as some deep, heartfelt appreciation of Stu Douglass and Zack Novak. Now, however, we get to some links:

Touch the Banner: Recruiting Update: February 27, 2012 - TTB runs down the list of new offers added to the 2013 offer board. This is a great resource for all you recruiting fanatics out there.

Purdue 75, Michigan 61: Almost There - Hammer and Rails - TMill on the game from the other side.

Michigan's Mike Martin falls short of combine record, former teammate in bench press; Michigan's Junior Hemingway boosts draft case with strong all-around combine performance - Mike Martin fails to reach his goal, but Hemingway has a good day. Let's hope both get drafted as high as well know they should.

MSU's Jerel Worthy says 'times are changing' in Michigan rivalry; Ohio State players comment on U-M loss - Jerel Worthy has a few words for Michigan if the Wolverines think things will be swinging back in the rivalry. A few OSU players chime in with thoughts on the loss.

Tremendous: Ty Isaac Update - Next up in Michigan 2013 recruiting: talented skill position players. Outside of Laquon Treadwell there may be no one more sought after by this staff.

Ty made it clear that Michigan's recruiting success up front makes them a more attractive option but that he still wants to make the best decision for him. He also made it clear that the fact the class is filling up will not affect his timetable. This doesn't really matter though as the coaches will certainly leave a spot open for him. He referred to their big weekend as "absolutely crazy".

That’s all, folks | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

The goal here was always to maintain a site that set its own agenda, took nothing for granted and offered a steady signal amid the barrage of noise that currently passes for 24/7 sports coverage. I'm not sure how consistently it's lived up to those pretensions, and my admittedly wonky sensibility has not always fit inside the big-tent demands of the most visited sports site on the web. Still, I've enjoyed an astonishing, enviable level of freedom, and tried every day to live up to it. Sorry for the typos.

Dr. Saturday himself, Matt Hinton, is signing off. For any college football junkie this is a pretty sad day. Matt was one of my absolute favorite writers, and I will anxiously await his return to the interwebs.


Craig James keeps his shoes on no matter what the practice is in your house. This isn't Korea, dammit, and it never will be on his watch.

EDSBS. Craig James. Enough said.

Bonus Craig James after the jump...


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