Tuesday Happy Hour is Rooting for the Hoosiers

While the hopes for a conference championship are dwindling, a Indiana upset of Michigan State tonight in Bloomington would put the Spartans one more loss away from a potential tie (assuming again that Michigan wins out) with a game to go against Ohio State. Smart money is on Michigan State, but stranger things have happened in Big Ten basketball.

Michigan State at Indiana Preview -- A Title on the Brink - The Only Colors - Check out keys to that game.

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein still trying to figure out defensive lapses, and more notes - Meanwhile John Beilein talks about where the Wolverines have to improve on defense after one of the worst performances of the season.

Maize and Brew Reintroduced: Zach on Brady Hoke, Michigan Exceptionalism, Denard Robinson's Throwing Motion - Off Tackle Empire - ICYMI, I did a long Q&A over at Off Tackle Empre with Graham Filler. Lots of Michigan football talk to help hold you over this offseason.

Photo Gallery: Crisler Center Construction Begins — UMHoops.com - The next phase in the Crisler face lift. Mock up below.


Via: UMHoops

Larry Scott talks postseason changes - CBSSports.com

Scott told the paper that while he isn't focusing solely on devising a system to determine a champion, he is thinking about changes to the entire bowl system, conference championships and even rankings.

"Leave it to those commies on the west coast to ruin our perfectly good capitalist system of exploitation and grift."

-Jim Delany, probably in a high backed leather chair stroking a long-haired cat and staring out a large window of a highrise office building at the peons shuffling back and forth below.

Get Out of My Dreams | Eleven Warriors

Instead Buford has been a serial violator of continuously picking at a throbbing pimple instead of just leaving it alone. It isn't that he just has bad shooting games at inopportune times; it's the way that he takes a cold shooting streak, super-sizes it and unnecessarily transforms it into a defining characteristic of his game.

Please don't let me write this about Hardaway Jr. in two years.

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog - Examining what teams could benefit from the new kickoff and touchback rules. Michigan's name does appear.

Riley Reiff has tiny little arms - Black Heart Gold Pants - How Iowa succeeds when employing so many tiny-armed linemen, I will never know.

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