A Call for Support from the Maize n Brew Faithful

Support and community is what makes Michigan great. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

One of the cool things about running Maize n Brew is the wide range of people who have begun to contact me. I live in a fairly insular world most of the time, and I forget how much people talk and depend on each other. I take for granted all the ways I can help others and others can help me. When left to my own devices I tend to just goof off on the internet and float through my daily routine without giving much thought to what is going on outside of my immediate vicinity.

Lately I have been getting a lot of emails from all over. While there is certainly an uptick in the amount of spam I get on a daily basis there is a lot of interesting stuff coming in as well. Emails from other writers giving me tips on this story or that podcast, the requests for interviews at other websites, or questions concerning Michigan sports.

It is a bit of an adjustment in two ways. First, I have to be more regimented in the way I deal with incoming emails --- I tend to let things pile up --- and second I have to not let it all get to my head. I have gotten a few emails from well known writers that I have followed for years, and my reaction is always, "wait, he knows who I am?"

But no, this isn't the world's longest humble brag; there is a point, I assure you. With this flood of new emails there have been a number of requests. Some aren't right for the site (no I won't help you publicize a Hollywood movies screening just because it is in Ann Arbor) and some are cool little things I never would have imagined I would be approached with (you'll find out about one of these pretty soon, I don't want to spoil the surprise).

One of the first things I was approached with was a request to help publicize a student group fundraiser. I got the email a day before the site went live again and instead of taking fifteen minutes to read the email and do some cursory research I let it slide and get buried under a thousand other things.

I got back to it last night. I'm glad that I did.

The student group is called Appreciate + Reciprocate and the event is a major fundraiser that includes a silent auction and a number of guest speakers that I know the MnB community will be excited about. I'll let Mark Wilhelm of A+R tell you about it in his own words:

Eat Dinner with a Michigan Football Legend

Appreciate + Reciprocate is a sponsored student organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to community service and fundraising for the LSA Emergency Student Aid Fund. Its largest fundraiser is an annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction.

What is the Appreciate + Reciprocate Benefit Dinner?

On March 28th, Appreciate + Reciprocate will be holding its second annual Benefit Dinner. The dinner will be held in the Jack Roth Stadium Club, located in the East Tower of Michigan Stadium. Speakers for the event will be:

Former Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr
Head Football Coach Brady Hoke
Former Michigan/NFL Player Dhani Jones
Michigan Football Team Captain Mike Martin

What will be available in the Silent Auction?

Michigan basketball fans will be exited to hear that items will include a tour of the brand new Player Development Center with Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Bacari Alexander and a game of 1 on 1 basketball with former Michigan Basketball Team Captain CJ Lee.

What does this event support?

All proceeds from the event will benefit the LSA Emergency Student Aid Fund. This fund exists to keep Michigan students in sudden, extreme financial need in school. Appreciate + Reciprocate members believe that a financial crisis should never keep students from completing their education.

How do I get more information, donate, or purchase tickets?

Visit the Appreciate + Reciprocate website: umichappreciate.org, or email the Benefit Dinner Chair, Mark Wilhelm, at marktw@umich.edu.

Tickets for the event are $100 each, $50 for students. Tickets may also be purchased on behalf of students financially unable to attend the event, and table sponsorships are available.

I couldn't be happier to help support a worthy cause. This group of students is taking it upon themselves to help other students in need and volunteer in the community --- and I know I can speak for everyone here at Maize n Brew when I say that past the Michigan athletics we love so dearly, it is this kind of enterprising and selfless spirit that truly makes the University of Michigan great.

We will have more information coming in the next few weeks leading up to this event, but for now I urge you to go to the A+R website (here) and read about this organization and its mission. And if you have the money and the time, there aren't many better ways to spend it than supporting a good cause and listening to some Michigan legends speak (also: food).

Maize n Brew will always be focused on the very best that the University of Michigan has to offer, be it sports, beer, tailgating, beer, or something much more important like this.

I hope you will find a way to support Appreciate+Reciprocate, and I am glad that Maize n Brew can help spread the word.

Go Blue!

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