Tuesday Happy Hour Doesn't Like to Share

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The All-Big Ten teams and awards were announced yesterday, and the biggest question going in was finally answered. That question, who is freshman of the year, Trey Burke or Cody Zeller? The answer: both.

The rest of the awards went pretty much as expected. Draymond Green got a very much deserved player of the year award while Tom Izzo nudged Beilein and Crean out for coach of the year (any of the three would have been a fine choice, but I have no problem with Izzo getting the win. Check out AnnArbor.com's rundown of the full awards here as well as UMHoops' reaction --- including a short interview Burke gave BTN --- here.

My one complaint? How does Trey Burke not make first team All-Big Ten? Show me a guard that played consistently better than Burke --- a freshman that stepped into a huge hole left by an early entry to the NBA draft. Impossible. You can't do it.

On with the show.

Just Take Them

Jeff and I walked up to him, each with a five-dollar bill extended—a bargain, in our minds.

The man gave us a look of sheer pity, began to reach out for the money, then recoiled. "I can't, in good conscience, make you pay for these," he said. "Just take them."

Ace over at MGoBlog doesn't take a lot of time to write this kind of stuff, but when he does it is certainly worth the read. As someone who remembers the post-apocalyptic wasteland of late-90's early-00's Michigan basketball well I wholeheartedly cosign everything here.

Michigan-Penn State: And We Give Thanks

Penn State rallied back as teams often do--holding a 15+ lead is easier said than done--but they game was really never in doubt.

One more word on the Penn State win from Fouad over at Holdin' the Rope. I am glad he was so confident that the game was never in doubt, because I was a nervous mess until about four seconds were left and the lead finally seemed safe.

Therapy By Numbers: Conference-Only Big Ten PORPAG - More basketball as only The Only Colors can do it: with incredible statistical analysis. A few thoughts:

  • No surprise who the top four are (Shurna, Gatens, Taylor, Zeller) but Deshaun Thomas is five on the list? Given the five players after him I wouldn't have pegged him for a top-ten player on this list.
  • Michigan's top three players are Trey Burke (3.13 PORPAG), Zack Novak (2.50), and Stu Douglass (2.07). It goes to show what kind of year Hardaway Jr. has had as he checks in fourth among Wolverines with (1.48).
  • Michigan State's second best player by PORPAG is Austin Thornton (2.08)?

State of the Union: Big Ten Recruiting Update 3.6.12 - Black Shoe Diaries takes a crack at ranking the 2013 classes as they stand now. This is just another excuse for you to cackle with glee looking at Michigan's class vs. everyone else's.

Tremendous: Mike McCray Update - And, that class might get another name or two added to the list this week. Mike McCray seems like the obvious candidate, but there are rumblings that this could be another multiple commit week. I'm just as amazed as you are.

FAMILY, FAITH AND FOOTBALL: Luke Glendening’s journey to earning the captain’s ‘C’

"But I couldn’t in all confidence promise Luke that he had any chance at all to crack our lineup as a rookie. It was more of an opportunity for him to get in front of us every day. If he felt he could have an impact on us, then we could try and take him beyond one year."

Four years later, Glendening is still a member of the Michigan hockey team. Not only does he have a spot on the bench, he’s a second-year captain — the tireless leader of the sixth-ranked Wolverines.

The Michigan Daily kills it with another excellent profile.

Ohio State, Michigan burning questions lead Big Ten spring primer - Questions about the Big Ten going into spring. If you didn't think that it would be "Defensive Line" in big flashing neon lights, then you are obviously new here.

Draftniks: Ever the Experts and Always on the Clock

Draftniks quickly reach the point at which baseball sabermetricians appear mainstream and virile by comparison, so proceed cautiously through the steps below.


Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog

Morelli’s play never matched his star rating, though he did help the Nittany Lions post back-to-back nine-win seasons in 2006 and 2007. Bolden’s regression last fall is distressing; in addition, he came very close to transferring following the 2010 season. Of the 11 quarterbacks Penn State has signed since 2002, only one, Clark, played at an all-conference level.

So it’s no wonder that Penn State’s search for Paterno’s eventual successor zeroed in on two coaches known for their work with the position. After serving as Jim Harbaugh’s lead offensive assistant at Stanford, Greg Roman helped Alex Smith finally reach his potential. Bill O’Brien’s work with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots spoke for itself.

Do you want to read about 1000 words on Penn State's quarterback situation over the past decade? Pre-Snap Read has you covered as it looks over the year that was for Penn State, and why the school would choose to go with someone's whose recent resume reads "coached the best quarterback alive" when looking for a new head coach.

Penn State's got 99 problems and Quarterback is about 57 of those.

Bonus Otis after the jump.

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