Chasing Stars: Where the Members of Michigan's 2013 Class Rank

Now that Scout has finally released the Scout 300 rankings, let's see where Michigan's rapidly evolving 2013 class stands.

Player, Pos. Scout Rivals ESPN 247
Shane Morris, QB 5*, #28 4*, #16 150 4*, 97, #14
Dymonte Thomas, S 5*, #35 4*, #77 150 4*, 95, #40
Patrick Kugler, OL 5*, #25 4*, #54 150 4*, 92, #190
Kyle Bosch, OL 4*, #49 4*, #60 150 4*, 95, #42
Chris Fox, OL 4* #137 4*, #46 150 4*, 95, #47
Logan Tuley-Tillman, OL 4* #153 4*, #109 150 4*, 94, #89
Jake Butt, TE 4* #147 4*, #96 150 4*, 90, -
Mike McCray, LB 4* #202 4*, #44 150 4*, 92, #168
Wyatt Shallman, RB 4* #179 4*, #160 150 4*, 92, #187
Taco Charlton, DE NR 4* #183 150 4*, 94, #99
David Dawson, OL 3* #264 4*, #199 150 4*, 92, #196
Jourdan Lewis, CB 3* #251 4*, #167 - 4*, 90, -
Jaron Dukes, WR 3* #287 NR - 3*, 87, -
Khalid Hill, TE NR NR - 3*, 86, -

(Rivals and Scout include star rating and overall ranking. ESPN includes ESPN150 watchlist candidates. 247 includes star rating, overall grade (100-point scale), and overall ranking)

Impressions and observations after the jump.

  • If you're keeping track of these things there are nine of the 14 current commits that garner a four-star rating from all three sites (ESPN still hasn't ranked players), and another three that get a four-star rating from two sites (Butt, Lewis, Charlton). The only consensus three star players are Jaron Dukes and Khalid Hill.
  • Only one site has a Michigan recruit ranked as a five-star, and that is Scout which bestows the honor on three players (Morris, Thomas, Kugler).
  • However, Shane Morris seems destined for five-star status on both Rivals and 247 (#16 and #14 overall respectively). Consensus five-star quarterback? Yes, please.
  • Meanwhile, 247 lists three other players (Thomas, Fox, Bosch) in the top-50 overall --- presumably in range to move up to five-star status.
  • Rivals has both Fox and McCray in the top-50 overall, but both Kugler (#54) and Bosch (#60) are not far off. Rivals seems like the least likely site as of now to grant one of Michigan's current commits --- outside of Morris --- a fifth star.
  • Michigan has a total of ten players that are ranked in the top-100 to at least one site, but only three players are consensus top-100 among the three sites.
  • ESPN is doing its best to continue to be last among recruiting sites. There are still no player star ratings, no individual grades, and no overall rankings. However, Michigan does place 11 players on the ESPNU 150 watchlist. Presumably around five of those players will make the first official ESPNU 150.

So overall this isn't a bad start to the 2013 class. Michigan is in great position with a number of four- and five-star players, and could end up finishing with a class make of upwards of 80 percent four-star and above players.

So, um, yeah. I'll take it.

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