Saturday Open Thread

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Michigan has another bye, but there should be plenty of football to hold your attention.

Another weekend without Michigan football, but don't fret, there are plenty of good games to watch today. Before we get to some of those other games, let's take a look at some of the bye week posts we have here at MnB:

- Zach looks ahead to November and gives a quick preview of Nebraska and Northwestern.

- Anthony's freaking out about some recruiting stuff. He also writes about Da'Shawn Hand visiting Alabama this weekend and what it means for Michigan.

- Shash tells you how to make Chili.

- ZoobyQ Twitter-views the upcoming week in college football, and I take a look at this weekend's B1G games.

- Hockey has started, and Brad Idelkope previews the weekend series with Boston University and UMass-Lowell. Spoiler: Michigan beat BU last night.

- Alex Cook takes a good look at Michigan basketball's non-conference foes this season.

Back to some football stuff!

The noon games are pretty thin for excitement, but you can check out Nebraska at Minnesota (ESPN) or Northwestern at Iowa (BTN).

The 3:30 games get kind of exciting, with Florida State walking into a possible trap game against North Carolina State (although I thought FSU would lose at Clemson, and boy did they prove me wrong). Duke looks to beat Virginia Tech on ESPNU, and Texas Tech takes on the Sooners on FOX. The Red Raiders trail only Baylor in the Big 12 when it comes to points per game (41.1), but the Sooners' defense is a top ten squad and has held their opponents to an average of 17.1 per game. Something's gotta give, and since the game is in Norman, I'd say it will be Tech that leaves with an "L".

7:00 sees UCLA travel to Oregon (and a violent death, I'm sure), and South Carolina takes on an undefeated Missouri team. Missouri is an interesting team, having beaten Georgia and Florida. If they can beat the HBC, the rest of their schedule is pretty manageable going into the finale against Texas A&M. Could the Tigers crash the BCS party, even though they are part of the SEC?

And, we all know that Penn State will be in Columbus at 8:00.

Okay, folks, let's watch some good football today and keep the open thread moving along nicely; the community is only as good as the people who participate, and some of you do a great job; let's get the others involved, too. I'm recovering from a bad case of bronchitis, but I'll be around at some point to hang out with's just a damn good things we don't actually have to talk.

Today's tune comes from The Chemical Brothers:

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