College Football Week 12 Preview

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Michigan Football fights on, Erin Andrews still looks good, Arnold Schwarzenegger doing ballet, a sweet Movember Mustahce and Kate Upton may appear in a legendary film!

It's beginning to look a lot like... there's always next year?!?

Michigan's Big Ten championship and Rose Bowl dreamed went away with a defeat last week, 17-13 against Nebraska. It wasn't as ugly as some of the other games this season, but it sure wasn't pretty.

The focus has now shifted to getting the team back on track and shifting priorities. Brady Hoke, to his credit, has made it a point to point the finger at himself first and foremost.

Hoke has shifted the goals of the team from conference championship dreams to a new goal.

One of the biggest problems, if not the biggest problems, for Michigan football in 2013 has been the offensive line. The interior line issues are well documented and it's a problem that doesn't look to be solved in-season. There's no magic solution to make this problem better.

It's unfair to just blame the offensive line for all of the problems on offense. RB Fitz hasn't been able to block anyone and it keeps causing QB Devin Gardner to get sacked.

The offensive line will have to go back to basics and spend an off-season working on their technique and focusing on the fundamentals.


Speaking of technique and fundamentals...

The calls for OC Al Borges to be fired have been heard from far and wide. It's gotten so bad that it's causing a Michigan fan to blame his drinking problems on the awful Michigan offense.

The offense conversation should begin and end with Al Borges. Whether or not all the blame should rest solely on his shoulder's is up for debate. Listen to Borges himself and decide what you think.


There are still things to look forward to these days, like Kate Upton in serious talks to join an iconic film.


Michigan need to try to salvage what is left of the 2013 season. 10 wins might still be a stretch but winning 8 games and going to a respectful bowl is still possible. As we saw during the RichRod era, just making a bowl game pays off because of the extra practice time given to the team in December.

The Wolverines will continue their tough month of November with a trip to visit Northwestern this weekend. As much as Michigan has had a disappointing season, the same can be said for the Wildcats.

Northwestern was undefeated and flying high not too long ago. It seems like yesterday that 'College Gameday' was on campus for a visit as the highly ranked Wildcats were facing off against the undefeated team from Ohio.

Fast forward after a few injuries and a Hail Mary loss to Nebraska, and Pat Fitzgerald's boys are reeling. Northwestern and Michigan fans could get together and talk about what could've been for the 2013 season. Now they are both fighting to not make a bowl game visit to the WhateverSponsorIsNew game.

This is about as close to a must-win for Michigan at this point. They can't suffer their fourth loss in five games and still have to go back on the road against next week. It's one game at a time and time to focus on beating Northwestern.

Don't be too surprised to see something different when the Wildcats hit the field on Saturday afternoon. Northwestern won't be wearing their usual the typical purple and white.




UCLA is still hanging around, hoping to make it into a BCS bowl game. It may not be likely but as long as it's possible, the Bruins will keep fighting on.

The Bruins had one of their teammates pass away this season and have used it as motivation for the 2013 season.

This is a nice game to sit back and watch on a Friday night. That or watch it as it plays in the background at your favorite bar and you keep waiting for that attractive waiter or waitress to stop by.



Wisconsin fans should still be upset that some awful officiating caused them to lose a game against Arizona State early in the season. The Badgers could be looking at a potential 11-1 season instead of trying to win out and finish with 10 games in regular season play.

Wisconsin is a good team and it's time they rise up in the rankings.


This is one of the biggest games of the weekend because of the implications at stake.

The Spartans can lock up an appearance in the Big Ten Championship game with a victory. A loss and Michigan State will no longer be able to control it's own destiny. A chance to go to Indy to face Ohio State and potentially go to the Rose Bowl are all in the hands of Mark Dantonio's boys.

Nebraska just upset the Wolverines and will look to pull off another upset. On paper, Michigan State should not only win this game but they should dominate it.

Time to go big or go home.

This could honestly be a game that isn't that close.

As long as we are talking about things not being close...


Mack Brown may have saved his job with the turnaround season of the '13 Longhorns.

Texas is now undefeated in the Big 12 and back to being ranked in the top 25. Another win here and look for Texas to fly up the rankings charts.

#25 GEORGIA @ #7 AUBURN 3:30 P.M. EST. TV - CBS

Auburn is a team that just keeps winning and no one wants to take them seriously. It may be time to think again about the Tigers.

Georgia is back to being ranked in the top 25, for the time being. Injuries have ravaged the Bulldogs and a visit to Auburn is no cupcake.

If Auburn can keep racking up the W's until it's season finale against Alabama, it may crash the BCS Championship picture.


'College Gameday' will be on campus for this, now, intriguing game.

Speaking of 'Gameday,' does anyone miss Erin Andrews? She's off on Fox Sports now.

The Trojans are undoubtedly playing better since Lane Kiffin was kicked to the curb. They will host the stronger 1-loss team in the country, Stanford, in a tough game. Stanford just destroyed the Oregon Ducks and is in the driver's seat if Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State or Baylor suffer a loss.

USC may have found their permanent head coach in Ed Orgeron.


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