CFB Week 11: Twitter Preview

Leon Halip

Michigan Football looks to move forward, Katy Perry beats Justin Bieber, Alabama's QB with his gorgeous girl Katherine Webb and bacon because, well, it's bacon!

Let's leave the past in the rear view mirror and move on.

It could be worse. You could be this lucky Toronto Maple Leafs lady:

Michigan suffered an embarrassing loss last week and there's no way to sugarcoat it. The dreams of an appearance in a Big Ten Championship game are likely gone. Visions of smelling the roses in Pasadena will have to wait for another year.

The Wolverines will catch a break, in due time. They just have to be as lucky as Lloyd and Harry were:

It wasn't exactly an upset when the Spartans beat Michigan last week. An upset is Katy Perry knocking Justin Bieber out the top spot of social media.

The Wolverines are down, about as low as they have been in the Brady Hoke era. The team now sits at 6-2 and will need to pick up the pieces before the train comes off the rails on the 2013 season.

Hope shouldn't be lost on Hoke. There's a reason why there were chants of 'Hokeamania,' once he came to Ann Arbor. Keep the faith.

Michigan's brutal month of November got off to a bad start and it doesn't get much easier from here. This week, it's home against Nebraska before going on the road for back-to-back games at Northwestern and Iowa, before setting up that rivalry game against that team from Ohio.

These are tough times to root for the Maize and Blue, but it's important to remember one thing:

The difficulties on offense are still the inconsistent play along the offensive line. Redshirt Freshmen and True Freshmen are being forced to plug and play in order to create some type of cohesiveness. The blocking has been poor, as was evident in QB1 Devin Gardner getting sacked time and time again at Michigan State. To Gardner's credit, he stuck in there and took the hits like a true professional.

The running game has been close to non-existent. The leading running back, Fitzgerald Toussaint, has gained 595 yards rushing thus far in 2013. With 4 games remaining, Fitz would have to average over 100 games a game to pass the 1,000 yards rushing mark.

Derrick Green has been forced to burn his redshirt season in order to provide some depth at the RB position. It's all for nothing though until the offensive line can play up to it's potential.

As low as the Maize and Blue faithful felt last Saturday, the Cornhuskers' fans are flying high after a classic hail mary victory.



If you require a little cheering up this week, have no fear, your old friend bacon is here to save the day.

This has to make you pretty excited or pretty scared.

We'll let the squirrel decide for us all:

Thursday, November 7



Saturday, November 9

#13 LSU @ #1 ALABAMA 8:00 P.M. EST TV - CBS

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