2014 Prospect Profile: Artavis Scott

Jonathan Daniel

With Drake Harris in the class, Michigan's need for a gamebreaking wide receiver has been somewhat alleviated. With that in mind, is Artavis Scott still a priority?

247 (four-star, #15 WR)

Scout (four-star, #19 WR)

Rivals (four-star, #10 WR)


Last year, people made a lot of noise when FL WR Alvin Bailey seemed to have legitimate interest in Michigan. Bailey was a 4* WR who had offers from everywhere and was teammates with 5* S Leon McQuay, which I suppose explains why people were so excited. I was too, until I watched his film.

How does this relate? To me, Artavis Scott is what Bailey was hyped up to be. He's an explosive burner with good shake in the open field. It's a mystery to me how Bailey ended up a borderline top-60 player to some services and Scott sits on the outside.

Scott's playmaking ability stems from great leg strength. He explodes out of cuts, and quickly shoves off weak arm tackles. He's instinctive in the open field, showing an intuitive sense of where the next would-be tackler is going to come from, and where he needs to go to avoid him. He's excellent at using opponents' momentum against them, which leads me to believe he'll probably feature prominently on special teams at the beginning of his career, regardless of where he goes.

So that all speaks to Scott as an athlete....but what about his receiving ability? Well his highlights make it a bit difficult to gauge his ability as a route runner, but the general rule of thumb is if you're adept at getting low in and out of cuts and have the requisite explosive ability, the potential is there to be an solid route runner. However, I don't like how he doesn't really attack the ball. Even on contested plays, the ball ends up in Scott's hand more because of a mistake on behalf of the defender than anything Scott does. He needs to learn to extend and grab the ball instead of passively waiting for it to come to him.

All in all, Scott reminds me of 2012 Notre Dame signee James Onwualu, albeit a bit more athletic. He's sort of raw as a receiver, but he has all the athleticism to make an impact in the slot. Were he to come to Michigan, a Jeremy Gallon-esque career would be the base expectation.


For anyone who follows recruiting, moms have a funny way of getting what they want in the end. Look at Matthew Thomas in this past cycle, or Hugh Freeze's strategy for landing Robert Nkemdiche.*

They've had blinders on, absolute tunnel vision. They've focused on the mother, father, coaches, friends. They've done their due dilligence and then some.

Unfortunately, if mom has her way this time, Scott may be staying closer to home ($)

"She has not said anything now, but I am sure my mom will eventually tell me she wants me to stay close to home," Scott said.

If that's the case, you can likely chalk Scott up as a Gator ($).

"Well it doesn't look too good at the receiver spot so I think I could come in and start early," Scott said. "It was pretty cool sitting here, hearing from a head coach instead of like just an assistant and it was pretty cool knowing that he thinks I can come in and start. If I had a top school I dont know if that would be the top, but definitely be in the top five."

While he also has interest in more regional programs like FSU, Georgia, and Clemson, I think Florida would be the choice if he stays close to home. HOWEVA...

Despite my skepticism, a lot of signs are pointing towards Scott ending up a Wolverine. Perhaps the most prominent voice...


...And he knows a lot more than I do. Other recent rumblings have Scott pointed towards UM as well.


With all that in mind, everything is pointed towards Michigan right now. Which, naturally, is why I think he'll end up at Florida.

I know people won't be happy with this pick. But the mom factor is going to be big in any recruitment. Add onto that the fleeting time window and Michigan's somewhat alleviated need at WR, and I don't see it adding up.

I'll say this- If Scott decides before Michigan's summer camp, I think he'll end up a Wolverine. If he decides after, he stays in state at Florida.

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