Jabrill Peppers' Announcement Finally Airs, Does Not Disappoint

Screenshot of Jabrill Peppers on ESPNU. - Photo taken by Big House Jack.

Make sure to check out DGDestroys' New Blue: Jabrill Peppers for a more extensive analysis of his skills as a prospect.

Jabrill Peppers has committed to Michigan. The 6'1", 210 lbs. cornerback is currently rated five stars by Rivals.com and ranked as the No. 2 overall player in the country.

He had set his announcement for today at 4:45 p.m., to be aired on ESPNU. However, ESPNU did not actually air the announcement live because they were airing a women's softball game between the Oregon Ducks and the Nebraska Cornhuskers at the time.

For those watching ESPNU either on TV or via internet livestream, the softball game went on for an ungodly amount of time. It actually went on for eleven innings.

That's right. Eleven.

By the time 5:00 p.m. EST rolled around, Peppers had already made his announcement (although some said he actually planned to wait until the softball game was over), and he picked Michigan. Twitter:

So, after what was possibly the longest women's softball game in the history of Michigan football recruiting, and what was undoubtedly torture for Michigan fans hoping to see the announcement live (no one except for those in attendance did), ESPNU finally aired the video of Peppers' commitment.

And it was worth it:

Peppers not only free-style rapped his commitment to Michigan, but he also put on a Michigan winged helmet (whereas prospects usually put on a baseball cap), one of the most unique commitment announcements made in football recruiting history.

On why he chose Michigan, via the commitment article on ESPN's website (transcribed from video):

"You know, it's no secret that they (Michigan) were my favorite team since I was a young kid," Peppers said. "Just watching all the greats play in the Big House. It was always my dream to play for Michigan, but being the recruit I am, I can't be biased. I tried really hard not to be by really looking at all my options, and just taking the whole process slowly. But once I went out there to Ann Arbor, it just completely blew me away.

"It was just inevitable. It was just bound to happen. I love the coaching staff. I love the players, and Ann Arbor's just a great place to be. I can't wait."

He is the ninth Michigan commitment to be listed in ESPN's Top 150 prospects for 2014.

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