Depth Chart Released for Central Michigan Game

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The coaches have released the season's first official depth chart, so lets look obsessively at it and see what we come up with.

- Things on the offensive line have shaken out just about how we expected.  The tackles are set in stone and Ben Braden has shifted over to be the backup at LT.  He is off the depth chart at guard.

- Graham Glasgow won the first start at LG over Chris Bryant.  Also, the coaches used Joey Burzynski as the backup at all three interior spots, which probably means that they needed a placeholder.  If any substitutions happen at RG or C, one would imagine that Glasgow would shift and Bryant would be the first off the bench.  As it stands, Michigan might make these moves just to try things out in a game situation.

- Devin Funchess and A.J. Williams are tops on the TE depth chart, followed by true freshmen Jake Butt and Khalid Hill.  That is a lot of youth at a position Michigan is going to try to feature heavily.

- Jehu Chesson is at the top of the depth chart at the WR spot opposite of Jeremy Gallon, which is a good sign in his development.

- Shane Morris is your backup quarterback.  Get ready to see him take the field Saturday, because the coaches have very little choice but to get him ready for meaningful game action now.

- The running back depth chart features six guys, buries the freshmen in the last two spots, and has Drake Johnson in second place.  Methinks the coaches still don't have much of an idea who number two is, and that the freshmen still need more time.

- Dennis Norfleet is your starting kick and punt returner.  Get ready for fireworks.

- The starting order on the DL is as expected.  The surprise is that both Willie Henry and Chris Wormley are third on the depth chart at 3- and 5-tech respectively.  Both had garnered praise in fall camp and are behind two players (Ryan Glasgow and Matt Godin) that were seldom heard about.  This could mean absolutely nothing, but let's overreact anyway.

- Linebacker shakes out as expected with Cam Gordon edging Brennan Beyer in the race for the job to replace Jake Ryan, and Desmond Morgan/James Ross on the inside.  Third on the depth chart on the inside are two true freshmen, Mike McCray in the middle and Ben Gedeon on the weakside.

- Corner shakes out as expected with Taylor and Countess starting and Hollowell in as a backup.  Big surprise?  Channing Stribling is backing up Countess.  Sounds like the young man had himself a nice fall camp.

- Panic over at FS as Jarrod Wilson tops the depth chart and Jeremy Clark is his backup (Courtney Avery is listed third still)?  The last couple weeks of drama could have been the coaches trying hard to motivate Wilson and push him a little harder.  Even still, the safety spot is worrisome until he proves otherwise.

(Ed note: Panic again?  The reason Avery is lower is because he had arthroscopic knee surgery Saturday.)

- Blake Countess is listed on top of the depth chart at nickel corner.  Hollowell is probably the next guy in on the outside to replace Countess when this happens.  Dymonte Thomas is still second on the depth chart at nickel.

- Jereth Glanda and Drew Dileo will once again snap and hold for Brendan Gibbons.  Wile will kick off and punt. When it comes to special teams with established starters returning, you know what they say: "no noose is good noose".

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