Saturday Open Thread Just Wants to Hang Out

Gregory Shamus

A much needed bye week is in store for the Wolverines today, so hang out and talk about something else.

Since there's no main event for the Michigan faithful today, I hope that you can hang around and talk about anything and everything that's going on in college football, or whatever. I'm not going to rehash what happened to us as fans the previous two weeks; I think we need to move on. But, we still have some good stories here at MnB:

- If recruiting is your thing, please check out Anthony Mammel's Recruiting Roundup this week.

- I preview today's Big Ten games here.

- In an effort to look ahead to see what October's schedule holds for the Wolverines, Jeff Contizano checks out Minnesota, and Zach does a quick preview of Penn State. More to come on each of those teams in upcoming weeks, of course.

- Like other sports? Alex Cook looks at the career of Tim Hardaway, and I give a quick intro to Michigan lacrosse.

There are virtually no good games early in the day, but if you're inclined to watch anything that's on you can check out Oklahoma State at West Virginia at noon, or Northern Illinois at Purdue.

The afternoon games are dominated by LSU at Georgia, so if you like watching Georgia implode, go ahead and watch this one at 3:30. Oklahoma is visiting Notre Dame in the afternoon as well. I'm sure we can agree that a Notre Dame victory over the Sooners will go a long way to making Michigan's 4-0 record a little more impressive, so it's okay to root for the Irish. Iowa will be in the Cities for Hate Week, where they'll give Floyd of Rosedale back to the Gophers.

At 8:00, Wisconsin at Ohio State is the game to watch, of course (although I'm sure a lot of Badger fans will be keeping an eye on the Texas A&M/Arkansas match-up at 7:00 to see if Bert gets #karma'd by Johnny Football. /crosses fingers). Joel Stave doesn't have much to throw to, but the running backs are carrying the team (350 ypg), which means it will be power running all night. Will they be able to wear down the Ohio State defense by continuously rotating fresh legs? One can only hope, right? If Bucky pulls this one out, then watch out for Wisconsin the rest of the way.

The late game (10:30 p.m. Eastern) match-up to stay up for is Cal at Oregon. I know Autzen is a tough place to play, but Cal's Jared Goff is fun to watch and could have a chance to beat the Ducks on their home field.

With that, converse below. Maybe we can all pick the same game to watch, just hang out and see what happens, comment, and then argue over who's going to hang up first. No, you hang up.

Today's tune: yeah, there's football to be watched, but it just isn't the same without Michigan...

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