Saturday Open Thread

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This is my first open thread, so please be gentle.

Here we go, UTL II: Wrath of Rees. Although I'm sure this is going to be a very good game, I highly doubt that my pants will need to be changed afterward. In Zach's Game Two Preview, he isn't sure about a britches-polluting end, either. The what/where/when are obvious, but...

Michigan vs Notre Dame

Ann Arbor, MI

ESPN, 8:00 P.M. EST

Get One Foot Down and read more about the Fighting Irish; there's a lot of good work over there. I'm not sure if they're covering the "Figthing" Irish or not, but check them out anyway.

Of course, you should stick around and read what we have waiting for you here at MnB:

- In addition to Zach's preview, he also has a Q&A with Patrick of One Foot Down. I hate to admit that I agree with a Golden Domer regarding some aspects of the game. Just don't tell anyone else, okay?

- Anthony Mammel details What We Need To See and how we'll learn a lot about the Wolverines on or lose.

- Shash talks about all the reasons to not want to be a Notre Dame fan over the last decade.

Once you're finished reading every article on our site...and you will read every one, right?...head over to Touch The Banner if you'd like to see who will be visiting Michigan on Saturday. MGoBlog has an interesting chat that I enjoyed mostly because there is a reference to John Flansburgh, and I really enjoy They Might Be Giants. Zach also joins in on a nice little roundtable over at Wolverine247 with a few other Michigan bloggers.

Our own Zooby Q. does his preview of this week's games with a lot of Twitter embeds. Good stuff, there, Zooby. Although I'm sure you, dear reader, are a huge football fan and will watch just about any game that is televised, Saturday may be a good day to sleep in or put a little extra effort into your tailgate or living room set up. The best game early in the day will be Florida at Miami (YTM) at noon Eastern on ESPN. The rest? ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Other games:

12:00--Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin. Watch this game if you want to see the Badgers score 80+ points. Also at noon is Cincinnati and Illinois. Seriously, people, just take a nap; play with your kids; make love (or a sandwich if you have no one to make love to); do some yard work.

3:30--Oregon at Virginia. I'm recommending this game because I'm also a fan of all of Virginia's sports (I'm not quite sure why), and I'd like to see them do something. They beat a pretty decent BYU team last week after C'ville was hit by a typhoon. Perhaps a Duck typhoon will hit during this game, but give it a shot anyway. Then there's also Ohio State/San Diego State at 3:30. The Aztecs will hopefully make a human sacrifice out of Brutus and put a serious hurt on the Buckeyes' season.

After that...well, what everyone is coming to Saturday for in the first place. This weekend is going to be like going to a [band name here] concert, and having to sit through a really shitty opening act or two (like when I had to sit through some reggae band called Steel Pulse before seeing INXS in '87--remember, I'm old). (Editors Note: Maize n Brew does not condone listening to INXS. Even when it was a thing.)

With that, hopefully this wasn't too painful and you read some really great links. Comment free-for-all down below (mind the community guidelines, though). Go Blue!

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