NCAA Tournament 2014: 2 Michigan vs 7 Texas Game Thread

Michigan gets the 'Horns today, but hopefully not in the proverbial way.

Welcome to the Michigan vs Texas game thread, everyone!

Before I get started with the day's events, those of you who read my stuff (I think there's like one guy) have probably seen that I hate all things Iowa. However, there are bigger things out there, and I'd like to take a moment to express my sympathy for Iowa coach Fran McCaffery and his family. The tumor that was removed from 14-year-old Patrick McCaffery has been diagnosed as malignant. I've put my hyperbole aside, and will keep the youngster in my thoughts. Good luck to him and to the McCaffery family.

On to the fun stuff...

Well, here we are; another round has passed us by and it's time for teams to show just how Sweet they really are. By now all of you know about Mercer taking care of Duke; man, was that great or what!? That was obviously the main story of the day, and although things went mostly as predicted, there were some potential upsets avoided once again.

- North Carolina almost fell to Providence.

- Kansas struggled with Eastern Kentucky.

- Virginia was down by 10 points to Coastal Carolina.

But we have more important sports things to worry about, don't we? Our beloved Wolverines will be taking on the 7-seed Texas Longhorns in Milwaukee today. As usual, Fouad put together a pretty damn good preview so you'll know what to expect tonight. You could also check out what they're saying about Michigan over at Burnt Orange Nation.

As you know, Michigan plays at 5:15 ET today on CBS, so that means there are a few games before and after ours to keep an eye on. If you're looking for some intriguing match-ups, check out:

- 1 Florida vs 9 Pitt at 12:15. Is Florida still the best team in the land?

- 5 Saint Louis vs 4 Louisville at 2:45. There's a good chance that Louisville and Michigan could run into each other for a rematch.

- 7 Oregon vs 2 Wisconsin at 7:45. This game will be after the Michigan/Texas in Milwaukee. Will Oregon's speed on the court take down the Badgers?

I've been fortunate enough to scoop up a ticket to today's game, so I'll be making the 90 minute drive from Madison to Milwaukee and won't be able to hang with you for most of the day. I'll try to stop in and comment from time to time, but this is your thread, so make it yours today: comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

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