Introducing The Allrounder: A New Spot For High Minded Sports Writing That Needs Your Help.


I am a huge fan of UM Professor Yago Colas and his work writing about basketball, so when I was approached with the opportunity to help spread the word on his new venture, The Allrounder, I was pleased to help.

There is no shortage of bad sportswriting on the internet (I should know, I write some of it), and the best thing we can do is give a voice to the really good stuff so that people can make a choice. Sites like Grantland, Deadspin, and Sports on Earth are great ventures backed by bigger interests, but sometimes high-minded sports writing has to be funded on its own (see: Classical, The).

Go to the kickstarter page and read about the website. If that kind of informed, thoughtful sportswriting is really what you want to see more of, then put your money where your mouth is (I did).

And the best part is that Yago and The Allrounder have a few nice prizes for donations, including signed memorabilia and a chance to play in a three on three tournament with Yago and Michigan's own Jimmy King.

I'll let Bruce Berglund, another of the people behind developing this project, tell you a little more about The Allrounder and some of the cool stuff that supporting this project gets you.

A new online sports journal, called The Allrounder, is running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter right now. The Allrounder takes a distinct approach to sports. The writers are a mix of journalists and academics, who look at how different sports around the world connect with politics, economics, science, and culture.

One of the people leading the project is U of M comp lit prof Yago Colás, who regularly teaches a course called "Cultures of Basketball." Several recent players have taken the course. Yago got some attention recently for defending one of his recent students, Mitch McGary.

Some of Yago's recent students have donated autographed items as rewards for donors to The Allrounder's campaign. Backers to their Kickstarter campaign can get a signed Trey Burke rookie card or a Michigan jersey autographed by Glenn Robinson III.

A bigger donation will get you a post in the 3-on-3 tournament that Yago organizes at the end of his basketball course. You'll help Yago defend his title, along with his teammate, Jimmy King. You'll also get a load of other good loot.

Even if you're not looking to make the big donation to play 3-on-3 alongside one of the Fab Five, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page and contribute something. The Allrounder will feature writers around the world, examining the broader meanings and impact of sports. They've already picked up the backing of writers from Sports Illustrated, Grantland, The Sporting News, ESPN, and SB Nation.

The last day of their campaign in May 19. You can check out the campaign here:

Please please please think about donating some money. This is a great way to spend a few bucks and get hours of wonderful reading in return.

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