Wolverines in the NFL: More Links on Taylor Lewan to the Tennessee Titans

Offensive Tackle Taylor Lewan (right) was drafted at No. 11 to the Tennessee Titans. - Elsa

Looking to read more on Taylor Lewan being drafted by the Tennessee Titans? Well, here's your fix.

In case you missed the first round of the NFL draft last night, the Tennessee Titans made a surprising move by drafting Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan with the eleventh overall pick.

Why was this surprising? The offensive line was not a pressing need for the Titans, and I did not even consider them a possible suitor of Lewan when I did my pre-draft profile. From all appearances it looks like Tennessee took Lewan primarily because he was the best player available.

Lewan joins a multitude of Wolverines taken in the first round. Recent Wolverines of note include Brandon Graham in 2010 (No. 13 to Philadelphia), Jake Long in 2008 (No. 1 to Miami), Leon Hall in 2007 (No. 18 to Cincinnati), and both Marlin Jackson (No. 29 to Indianapolis) and Braylon Edwards (No. 3 to Cleveland) in 2005.

Here is your run-down of links related to Lewan and the Tennessee Titans:

NFL Network's broadcast of Lewan's selection, via TitansOnline.com
Rich Eisen, Mike Mayock, and the NFL Network crew on Lewan at No. 11.

Behind the Scenes: Tennessee Titans Phone Call to Lewan at Selection
Titans general manager Ruston Webster, head coach Ken Whisenhunt, and offensive coordinator Jason Michael inform Taylor Lewan that they are selecting him with their first round draft pick.

Tennessee Titans Fans at Music City Miracles React to Selecting Lewan
At SB Nation Titans blog Music City Miracles, fans let their opinions be known about their team's first round selection. Warning: it doesn't get pretty.

Music City Miracles: Five Questions on Taylor Lewan with Maize n' Brew
Minutes after the pick was announced, I answered some questions from Titans blogger Jimmy Morris on Lewan, doing my best to stay honest while at the same time talk the fans down from the ledge.

Taylor Lewan Pre-Draft Interview with TitansOnline.com
Although reports of Lewan meeting with the Titans were kept relatively quiet prior to the draft, here's a video from the organization's media website interviewing Lewan and learning more about him.

Post First Round Press Conference by Tennessee Titans
General manager Ruston Webster and head coach Ken Whisenhunt explain why they chose Taylor Lewan.

The Tennessean: Post-Draft Phone Interview with Taylor Lewan
In a brief phone interview with Lewan, the Tennessean asked him how he felt about the selection and where he fits.

Todd McShay on Titans Selecting Lewan, via ESPN.com
ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay on what he thinks about the Titans drafting Taylor Lewan at No. 11.

Since ESPN has a tendency to take down their videos after some time, here is a transcript of McShay's analysis for posterity:

I think Tennessee gets a player that belonged really in the top ten, in No. 11 overall in Taylor Lewan at the offensive tackle position. He's an experienced starter: 48 starts at Michigan, all on the left side. He's got long arms, he's 6'7", 308 pounds, he ran a sub five-second 40-yard dash at the combine. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing, but it just shows his athleticism and his ability to get down the field, which you see on tape. The guy can move. He's very good in terms of his zone blocking and getting out and moving on the second level. He plays with an attitude, he's got a good motor; I don't think he's the most powerful blocker, but he fits this system very well. The Titans may have wanted to get Blake Bortles at quarterback, but Bortles comes off the board a lot earlier than we all expected. They get a very good player in Taylor Lewan, who's ready to start right away for the Titans.

The Tennessean: Titans draft pick Lewan is the family daredevil
A little more exploration of Lewan's upbringing by the Tennessee news blog.

The Leaf Chronicle on the Titans' selection
With pass rushers like Jadaveon Clowney and J.J. Watt in the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans continue to make moves in an effort to protect their quarterback.

MGoBlog Reaction Thread
The MGoBlog community discusses how they feel about Lewan going to the Titans.

ESPN: Lewan sold Titans on his character
Titans GM Ruston Webster said he addressed Lewan's character concerns and came away feeling comfortable in selecting him.

Music City Miracles: Taylor Lewan Selection Approval Poll
It's pretty close, but it might surprise you to learn that most voters do in fact approve of the Titans taking Taylor Lewan. The comments, however, are a different story.

MLive: NFL Analysts Kiper and Mayock Question Lewan fit with Titans
Mel Kiper Jr., who thought Lewan could go as high as No. 2 overall and mock drafted him to the Atlanta Falcons, doesn't know how he feels about Lewan fitting in with the Titans.

The Tennessean: Taylor Lewan Makes Sense for Titans
After taking a day to let it sink in, the Tennessean sees some positives in the Titans drafting Taylor Lewan.

Big Blue View: Some Giants fans wanted Lewan
I know that a lot of them were against him, but here's something worth a look. In the draft thread, when Lewan gets taken by the Titans, a few Giants fans aren't too happy about it. Maybe not all Giants fans are terrible.

Maize n' Brew: Why You Should Like Taylor Lewan to the Tennessee Titans
Our very own Adam Biggers shares his thoughts on why Lewan to the Titans is a good fit.

SB Nation: Grading Every 2014 First Round Selection
Matthew Fairburn doesn't like Lewan or that the Titans selected him. He gives the 11th pick a "D," the only one in the entire first round.

Kuharsky: Lewan pick "not sexy," but necessary.
ESPN Titans blogger Paul Kuharsky gives his quick take on the 11th overall pick.

Chron.com on why Tennessee took Lewan
Sportswriter Teresa Walker takes an in-depth look at the selection.

MLive: Lewan will have to win starting job in Nashville
Nick Baumgardner writes how Lewan is glad the Titans gave him a chance.

SI: Lewan to Titans a solid "B"
Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke breaks down what Lewan brings to the table and how he feels about the Titans taking him.

The Detroit News: Lewan "ecstatic" to be a Titan
Angelique Chengelis writes on how Lewan feels about the team who selected him and where he was drafted.

Here's a notable quote from Lewan in the article (again, for posterity):

"Nobody wants to be second-best, especially not third-best, so am I upset about that, there’s no doubt about it," Lewan told ESPN of being the third tackle taken. "I have a chip on my shoulder now.

"I don’t care if it’s 11th overall, but I’ll tell you what, I would not want to go any other place than the Tennessee Titans. It worked out. I’m ecstatic, I’m pumped, I’m excited, but like I said nobody likes to be second best especially not third best, and I’m not going to let that happen in the NFL."

TitanSized.com: Taylor Lewan at No. 11 isn't a bad pick
Joshua Huffman of the Tennessee Titans blog shares his thoughts on Taylor Lewan coming to his team.

Nashville Sportswriter: We waited two extra weeks for This?
Local Tennessee sportswriter Joe Biddle is a little perturbed by the Titans' choice.

ESPN: Credit the Titans for not fibbing
Sportswriter Paul Kuharsky says the selection fits with the Tennessee Titans' plan to build a foundation on the offensive line.

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