Michigan Football Recruiting: LT Grant Newsome Commits to the Wolverines, Boosts Power of 2015 Class

Grant Newsome is on board with Michigan's 2015 class. The 4-star OT hails from The Lawrence School in New Jersey.

Update: During a conversation with TheWolverine.com, Adam Friedman, Rivals' Mid-Atlantic expert, praised Newsome's commitment, saying that he was an excellent addition for the Wolverines on the field and in the locker room.

Per TheWolverine.com's Michael Spath, Friedman said the following about Hoke's seventh commit of the 2015 class ($):

Grant is the type of player that could be a two- to three-year starter on a big-time offensive line. He has an incredible frame and there is a lot for any offensive line coach to work with there…

He's very, very smart. The type of guy that can be a leader on the team, especially on the offensive line directing traffic and calling audibles, and making adjustments on the fly… 

He's also a kid with an incredible work ethic. He's someone that you want in your locker room, a player that teammates can rally around.

On joining Michigan:

It's a very good decision. He went to a place that really fits what he wants. He wanted a high academic institution that needed offensive linemen and they clearly recruited him very hard and appealed to everything that he wanted.

Here comes a redshirt:

Grant isn't a kid that can step in right away because he does need to add strength all over his body, upper and lower, but he has pretty much everything you can't teach. He has the size. He already has very good technique. Michigan needs to get him stronger, which will help him become a better run-blocker.


Michigan scored big Wednesday morning when Grant Newsome committed to its 2015 class.

Newsome, the seventh commit, is the No. 19-ranked OT, per 247Sports, and chose the Wolverines over Penn State, Alabama, Arkansas and, among others, Cal. At 6'6" and 290 pounds, he's a prime physical specimen who'll hopefully make a smooth transition and contribute to an O-line that's in desperate need of assistance.

Needless to say, plenty of folks approve of Hoke's latest acquisition. It's certainly a quality pick up, no doubt there.

As of June 11, Michigan had the No. 30-ranked class in the nation and No. 4-ranked class in the Big Ten, per 247Sports.

Visit Maize 'n Brew later for more on Newsome, who is the Wolverines' third commit since May.

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