82 Days Until Michigan Football

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Just under three months until Michigan takes the field again.

Redshirt Freshman Maurice Hurst Jr., DT

Number: 73

Hometown: Xaverian Brothers HS; Westwood MA

Height/Weight: 6'2, 277 lbs.

Three Things To Know About Maurice

1. Maurice has some unlikely NFL bloodlines.  The 277 pound defensive lineman is the son of former New England Patriot defensive back, Maurice Hurst.  Hurst played for the Patriots between 1989 and 1995 and had 27 career interceptions.  The younger Hurst is four inches and 92 pounds larger than his father's listed size as a pro (5'10, 185 lbs.).

2. While Hurst Jr. is much bigger than his father, the younger Hurst was gifted some of his father's athleticism, something that comes as a shock when people first see a player that size move that well:

It was a hot July night and the Xaverian players participating in the Metro West 7-on-7 Passing Camp had a problem. They didn't have a quarterback. And for a passing camp, that's an issue. Enter 6-foot-2-inch, 285-pound lineman Maurice Hurst Jr. Let Hawks coach Charlie Stevenson tell the rest.

"I didn't have any quarterbacks show up,'' said Stevenson, who is entering his 20th year as Xaverian's coach. "He played quarterback for me. Four touchdown passes against BC High. He had a pick at safety. He was playing cornerback trying to cover guys man to man.

Hurst was so athletic that he routinely played in the backfield for his high school team.  He had quite a bit of success in the position, even scoring a 75 yard touchdown:

Nothing shows off athleticism like a 75-yard touchdown run. In the fourth quarter against St. John's of Shrewsbury last October, Hurst added that to his résumé, a run that still brings an enormous smile to his face.

The call was "power right" and the goals were modest. A first down, maybe more. Seventy-five yards later, Hurst was in the end zone with the Hawks' longest rushing touchdown of the season. It was his second touchdown of the game, but it wasn't as easy as the 1-yard TD run he had earlier.

3. If there is one reason to be excited for Hurst's development (which was on full display last winter in the bowl practices), it is that athleticism.  Watch these high school highlights:

Hurst''s quickness and agility are on full display against the overmatched Massachusetts high school competition.  A kid that size that can move that well can be devastating on the defensive line.  Just look at Mike Martin, the last UM defensive lineman with that kind of athletic ability (see also, Pipkins, Ondre, when he is healthy).

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