YFD PSA: BrewShots are here!


Don't get caught without them.

YFD is the Champagne of The Big Ten


It's Illini Week!

YFD Pays Homage to the Derby


It's Derby season! Wooooo!

His Name is Brady Hoke


It's easy to make mistakes. But here's a quick hint: At least address a man by his name. Those little things mean a lot.

YFD: 'Twas The Night Before Drinking


Bowl season is upon us!

YFD Drinks the P-E-P-S-I


Pac and Biggie Week draws to a close at MnB, ready to return in holographic form whenever we need it most.

Pac and Biggie Week Continues: Fanbase, don't cry


It's getting too dark here at MnB. Never fear, Pac's got ya. I was going to save this till Friday. Nope.

Pac and Biggie Week Continues at MnB: Miss U


Today we roll with a classic off of Life After Death - but probably not the classic you thought. It's only Tuesday!

It's Pac and Biggie Week at MnB


even when the road is hard/gotta keep ya head up/coagulation of songs with UNEDITED lyrics

The Brewskis Got UConn'd


Mrr. Another mediocre effort. But that doesn't mean we here can't award Brewskis.

The Brewskis: Notre Dame


Man, what a great game. Another not-quite-classic win for Michigan. Nothing against 2009, 10, and 11, but I liked winning by more than one score NOT at the last second. Without that pick-six this...

Lewan, Gardner in SI's CFB "Draft"


Sports Illustrated writer Andy Staples lists offensive tackle Taylor Lewan and quarterback Devin Gardner among college football's best.

Johnny Football locks lips with model Sarah Savage


Some country singer named Granger Smith released a music video for his song Silverado Bench Seat on Friday, and everyone's favorite Heisman made an appearance in it. SEC, SEC, SEC!


Elijah Hood outdoes Logan Tuley-Tillman's antics

Michigan lineman Logan Tuley-Tillman once burned a recruiting letter from Ohio State. On Tuesday night, Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood outdid Tillman's antics by flushing a letter from Alabama.

Denard Robinson rectifies botched first pitch


Shoelace redeemed himself by tossing a heater first pitch at a Michigan baseball game Tuesday.

Trey Burke's verified Twitter raises questions


I'm sure it's nothing. But, as someone pointed out Friday, Michigan sophomore Trey Burke now has a a verified Twitter account. Generally, that's something only celebrities and professional ball...

Devin Gardner to wear Oregon State uniform


Michigan quarterbacks will wear non-contact uniforms for the first time in Brady Hoke's tenure.

Denard Robinson botches first pitch at Tigers game

NFL general managers reportedly love Denard Robinson as a weapon at the next level. Robinson confirmed why he won't be a weapon in the passing game in the NFL on Tuesday.

Spike Albrecht spits game to Kate Upton on Twitter


Which lucky lady would you approach during your five minutes of fame? Spike Albrecht chose model Kate Upton after scoring 17 points in the first half of the national championship against Louisville...

Steve Fisher caught on camera with mustard on face


Whoops! Thanks to CBS, the entire nation saw former Michigan basketball coach Steve Fisher with mustard on his face. Hopefully that pretzel was good, Steve!

Michigan's Hoke sends QB recruit handwritten note


Recruiting is a very, very tough business. That is why Michigan coach Brady Hoke decided to join the current trend in recruiting: send handwritten Sharpie letters.

Maize n Brew's Favorite Episodes of Stuffing the Passer*


You should watch more Stuffing the Passer

The Transformative Power of College Football: Marcus Lattimore is a Hippo on Rocket Skates

Marcus Lattimore is a Hippo on Rocket Skates and other observations from the first Thursday night of College football

On the cutting room floor: Failed pitches for Big Ten Network shows by former coaches


We travel back in time to see some of the Big Ten Network's pitches for programming that involve what are now former Big Ten coaches.

Dave Brandon: "No more Heinz Mustard at Michigan Stadium" - Mustardgate Begins


Dave Brandon: "No more Heinz Mustard at Michigan Stadium" - Mustardgate Begins - Not really. We spoof the outrage over the Michigan Marching Band outrage at the Cowboys classic

In Which We Talk Beer: Crowdsourcing


Let's talk beer.

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