YFD Mourns A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Urp. It's IPA season in America, Tiger's not in the Masters, and MnB mancrush Jon Horford bids the Program happy trails.

Maize n' Brew Pre-Spring Game Roundtable 2014

We're pretty sure the offensive line is a concern.


YWD Prepares Itself

We're short, sweet, and getting ready for the weekend.

YFD Doesn't Exactly Do Roundtables, Per Se

Yeah, no.

YWD: The Rekiffening (And Final Bowl Standings!)

I don't even care that I lost the BYCAPE.

YFD: The Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em, volume 4

We've been doing this for how long? Four years? Outlasting Michigan head coaches since 2009. Wait, that's not right. Don't bother with those weak bowls.

YWD Knows Playlists Lead to Breakfast

Tonight's gonna suck. Drink up, Michigan Faithful.

YFD Gives Thanks, One Last Time

Regular season football is coming to a (merciful) close. Don't worry, Michigan Faithful. This is still our team. Just not a very good one.

YFD Is Pretty in Pink

It's Iowa time, folks.

YFD Drinks the P-E-P-S-I

Pac and Biggie Week draws to a close at MnB, ready to return in holographic form whenever we need it most.


Your Friday Drinking Instructions Spins Its Totem

oh hello there have you come to kill me? I've been waiting for someone someone from a half remembered dream IMPOSSIBLE I'm an old man/filled with regret waiting to die alone

Your Friday Drinking Instructions Drink, Not Hate

Enjoy this weekend with a cold Bell's, folks.

YFD Shares His Chili Recipe

Go make yourself some chili to get yourself through the bye week.

YFD Grows Some Chest Hair

It's time for Michigan's line to grow some fortitude. YFD, as always, is leading the way by drinking some very dark beer.

YFD Feels the Sanctions

It's five o'clock somewhere, and that somewhere on Saturday is Happy Valley, PA. Welcome to a twilight game, Michigan. Time to pour one out.

YFD Gets Juggy With It

It's Jug Week and Homecoming! #switchingtobourbon in 3,2,1...

YWD is all about Fargo

Let's be honest. This weekend, go watch a movie because GameDay is in ND. Wait, that's gonna be awesome!

YFD's Got A Great Uncle

My great-uncle is a little weird.

YFD Watches the Fox

I'm confused about why the rivalry is ending for a bit - but at least I'm not a Domer.

YFD: On Fathers and Football

Why are you a sports fan? My answer is a lot simpler than I thought. It's because of my dad. Thanks, Dad.

YFD Predicts the Season

Yeah, this is gonna be some homerism. Football season is here, so you should have a beer pairing for each game. Here's what MnB suggests. Not to pip the roundtable for predictions, but here ya go.

YFD Tailgates with Buckeyes

We sit down and talk tailgating at OSU with Land-Grant Holy Land

MnB B1G Preview tailgates with Nebraska

A quick look at tailgating at Nebraska games with the guys from Corn Nation

YFD tailgates with BSD

Getting the scoop on tailgating culture at Penn State with Black Shoe Diaries.

YFD Is The Commissioner.

YFD swings into Chicago for a Goose Island style review. Plus: Comparing beers to college players is back!

YFD talks tailgating in Spartan country

A little weekend tailgating talk on Michigan State with our guest Chris Vannini

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