Northwestern Preview from the Summer

We looked at how Northwestern utilizes both QBs over the summer. Much of this hasn't changed in a big way, so this is a good preview still.



Because why not?

Pac and Biggie Week Continues: Fanbase, don't cry

It's getting too dark here at MnB. Never fear, Pac's got ya. I was going to save this till Friday. Nope.

Stop Running Game Cruelty

Whoever did this, well done. At this point we have to laugh to keep from crying about the running game. End running game cruelty, help Al.

Sam Webb Debunks Transfer-Gate

That said, my hope is that no one will ever waste time believing a shred of content from the site in question again...or at the very least that it won't be brought here. After so many utter fabrications of so-called stories a few things ought to be apparent... 1.) The site in question has malicious intent when it comes to Michigan and 2.) It will desperately and irresponsibly troll for clicks.

Sam Webb weighs in on the bogus transfer rumors that were brought up this week by a disreputable site claiming inside information.

MnB at the Freep: Michigan loses battle on both lines; loses the war

The Wolverines were beat up on both lines which cost Michigan any chance of winning in East Lansing.

Maize n Brewcast: In State Losers

Shash and I get together for the second round of the Maize n Brewcast, in which we talk about how good MSU's defense was, how bad Michigan's offense was, and how sad that game made us.

Michigan a Two-Seed in the Big Ten Women's Soccer Tournament

The Wolverines will play the second game on November sixth against the seventh-seed Iowa Hawkeyes. Nebraska is the top seed in the tournament. Michigan's record on the year is 15-2-1 with a 9-1-1 conference record. Michigan's only loss came to eight-seed Minnesota, and the tie against six-seed Wisconsin.

KenPom's 2013-14 Preseason Ratings

The only preseason ratings you really need, Ken Pomeroy puts Michigan 12th, the third-highest Big Ten team with MSU (2) and Ohio State (7) ahead and Iowa (15), Wisconsin (22), and Indiana (25) rounding out his top-25. Its going to be a fun season.

MGoAuction: Get Cool Michigan Gear and Support A Good Cause

Are you the kind of person that has a room full of cherished Michigan memorabilia? Would you like to be? You can do all of that and help the UM School of Kinesiology raise money for scholarships by participating in the MGoAuction for hundreds of items of interest. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

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