NCAA Tournament

Take A Bow: Michigan Loses To Kentucky, 75-72


The Wolverines bow out of the tournament after a heated Elite Eight game against the Kentucky Wildcats.


Elite Eight: Michigan vs Kentucky Game Thread

Wisconsin and Florida are in the Final Four. Who will make up the other half?

Keys to Kentucky-Michigan


Michigan looks to move into its second straight Final Four with a win over the Kentucky Wildcats.

NCAA Tourney 2014: Elite Eight Open Thread


Holy Flying Badgergatorcats!

Forty More Minutes: Michigan 73 - Tenn 71


Michigan almost lets a big lead slip away on the way to its second straight Elite Eight.

NCAA Tourney 2014: UM vs Tennessee Game Thread


Michigan is Sweet, but are they Elite? We're about to find out!

NCAA Tournament 2014: Sweet 16 Day One Open Thread


Michigan isn't playing tonight, but you can still come over and hang out at MnB and talk some hoops.

Keys to Tennesee-Michigan in the Sweet Sixteen


Michigan will need another big game from its front line against a Tennessee team that is even more effective rebounding than Texas was.

Notes From Michigan First Weekend In The Tourney


Michigan gets out of weekend one thanks to two slow paced games and one impressive offensive outing.

NCAA Tourney 2014 Open Thread: A Little Sweeter


The Wolverines made it to the Sweet 16 again, and we'll find out who will be joining them today.

NCAA Tourney 2014: Michigan vs Texas Game Thread


Michigan gets the 'Horns today, but hopefully not in the proverbial way.

NCAA Tournament 2014 Open Thread & Updates!


Just because Michigan isn't playing today doesn't mean that you can't hang out here at MnB and talk some trash, show support for an underdog, or root for your "second" team.

NCAA Tourney 2014 Open Thread: Michigan vs Wofford


Michigan is in Milwaukee tonight, but come and talk with MnB will be here all day to satisfy your thread-related needs.

Forecasting Michigan's Bracket: The Elite Eight


If Michigan makes it to the end of the second weekend it will have overcome one of a few tough matchups for a trip to the Final Four.

Forecasting UM's Bracket: Road to the Elite Eight

Michigan had a hard road to travel on the way to the regional final.

Michigan Is A Two Seed In The Midwest Region


The Wolverines are headed to Milwaukee for the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Assessing the damage: Michigan-Louisville


Looking back at Michigan's loss after a few days to unwind.

Michigan is Back

Michigan's recent success on both the gridiron and the hardwood is a sign of good things to come.

The end.


Goodbye to the best season I can remember.

Gamethread: Michigan-Louisville


The game we've been waiting for for two decades is here...

One thing left to do


Michigan and Louisville for the whole thing tonight.

Five keys: Michigan-Louisville


What Michigan has to do to win a national title against Louisville tonight.

It's Not about the Burke

Despite Trey Burke not having a typical day, Michigan's players worked as a Team on Saturday to defeat Syracuse and take a shot at the NCAA Tournament Championship.

Michigan Survives 61-56. Title Game Awaits


Michigan barely holds on as Syracuse made a strong second half surge, but the zone wasn't enough to overcome Michigan and Mitch McGary.

Gamethread: Michigan-Syracuse


It's time...

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