Pollin' It

Pollin' It: Michigan Finishes In The Top Ten


Michigan comes in sixth in the final Coaches Poll.

Pollin' It: Michigan in the Top Ten


The Wolverines creep up in the polls after another pair of wins.

Pollin' It: Michigan 12th in AP Poll


The Wolverines keep moving up as they move toward their goal of an outright Big Ten title.

Pollin' It: Michigan Moves to 16th


The Wolverines move up in both polls after a win against Michigan State.

Pollin' It: Michigan Slides to 20th


The Wolverines ride a 1-1 week into a short drop in the polls.

M's 2014 Class is Good, but Could've Been Better

At one point, the Wolverines were leaders or favorites for at least two five-star prospects. Both committed elsewhere.

Pollin' It: Michigan slips in Coaches Poll


The Wolverines move down a couple spots in the Coaches Poll but hang tight at 10 in the AP Poll.

Pollin' It: The Coaches Poll Is Hilariously Wrong


The AP Poll has Michigan in the top 10. The Coaches Poll has Michigan behind two teams it just beat.

Pollin' It: Michigan Back In AP Poll At 21


The Wolverines climb back into the polls with a big road win against Wisconsin.

Pollin' It: One Last Shakeup At The Top


Michigan State knocks the Buckeyes out of the BCS title game.

Pollin' It, Hoops Edition: Michigan 21st


The Wolverines hang around the back end of the top-25, but the immediate future in the polls is uncertain.

Pollin' It: Title Game Scenarios Become Clear


Ohio State and Florida State stand at the front of the line, but a trio of SEC teams are ready to pounce.

Pollin' It, Hoops Edition: Michigan Falls


The Wolverines fall back in the polls after a loss.

Pollin' It: Baylor making its move on OSU


Ohio State might get passed soon, and the race for a possible second BCS bid in the Big Ten comes down to Wisconsin and MSU.

Pollin' It: UMBBall Still Sitting In The Top Ten


Michigan sitting in the top ten and looking to move up pending a couple big games among the rest of the top ten this week.

Pollin' It: Michigan Gets No Votes; Deserves None


Michigan, you're still number one in my heart. /s

Pollin It: Michigan Out Of The Top-25


The Wolverines fall from the polls after a loss in East Lansing.

BCS Rankings and the Big Ten Title Race


Michigan could be a fly in the ointment or an afterthought. This weekend's game will have a big effect on that.

KenPom's 2013-14 Preseason Ratings


The only preseason ratings you really need, Ken Pomeroy puts Michigan 12th, the third-highest Big Ten team with MSU (2) and Ohio State (7) ahead and Iowa (15), Wisconsin (22), and Indiana (25) rounding out his top-25. Its going to be a fun season.

Pollin' It: The B1G is Ohio State and the Pips


The conference has three teams barely hanging on at the back end of the top-25.

Michigan 22nd in BCS Rankings


This is really the last we need to talk about the BCS rankings for a while

Pollin' It: Michigan 23rd in Coaches, 24th in AP


The Wolverines sneak back into both polls before the bye week. (Now with more Harris Poll!)

Pollin' It: Michigan Slides Up One In Both Polls


The Wolverines use a big win to move up in both polls.

Pollin' It: Michigan Holds; The Big Ten Is Sad


Ohio State is on the path toward booting the rest of the Big Ten out of the polls. Next stop, Wisconsin.

Pollin' It: Michigan Mercifully Falls Only 3 Spots


The Wolverines still aren't playing up to the sliding national ranking.

Michigan 15th in AP Poll, 14th in Coaches


Michigan slides in both polls after a disappointing near-loss against Akron.

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