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Titans poll: Would you draft Derrick Morgan again?

Taking a look back at the 2010 NFL Draft.

Adjusting Atlanta Falcons Draft Grades 2008-2012

How well have the Falcons drafted in the Thomas Dimitroff era?

Reactions To Texans' First Round Picks Revisited

It's about as understated, reasonable, and impervious to hindsight as you probably think. Maybe more.

2010 NFL Draft: Evaluating The Texans

It takes three years to properly evaluate a draft class, according to the old saying, so that puts the 2010 NFL Draft in our sights. Let's take a look at how it panned out for your Houston Texans.

A Look Back At The 2010 Falcons Draft

Finding bodies is easy. Finding players is incredibly difficult.


Hi my name is __________ and I'm a draftanalysis-o-holic

Hey AP this is my very first post so feel free to rec this if you like the topic. Also if any of you have the skinny on a Chiefs bar on the West side of LA, if such a thing exists, that would be...

Late Rounders Movie: A look inside the NFL Draft

Yes that is Corey Peters #91 the Defensive Tackle of the Atlanta Falcons who is stiff arming Byron Bell #77 after an interception, doing his best Alfonso Smith imitation. Corey and Alfonso are just 2 of the five players in this movie who really have had a journey through their NFL careers. In the movie Late Rounders you will learn quite a bit about the process for both Players and an Agent.

2010 Bears Draft Rewind

Looking back at how the Chicago Bears did in the 2010 NFL Draft.

99 for 99 - #87: Back to Back Draftees

Buffalo Football 99 for 99 - #87: Back to Back Draftees. James Starks in 2010 and Josh Thomas in 2011 become first Bulls in UB history selected in consecutive NFL drafts.

Pat Williams Makes A Bid To Become NFLPA President

We discussed this a bit recently in the Sam Bradford thread where he tries to earn enough money to buy back Manhattan from the Dutch. Apparently, a few of the veterans are feeling a bit ornery. R...

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