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Know Thy Opponent 2011: Michigan Wolverines - Hammer and Rails Previews Michigan v. Purdue

Our buddy T-Mill over at Hammer and Rails previews the Michigan Purdue game slated for October 29th. A good, honest preview of what's ahead. T-Mill gives Michigan the at-home nod and predicts a 31-17 win for the Wolverines.

Herron Ready to Go, Shaw Still Questionable

Looks like Mike Shaw is still a little gimpy from the leg whip he took against BGSU. On the plus side, Brandon Herron will play. This (hopefully) will free Craig Roh to attack the LOS all day every play as a down lineman. More details at The Wolverine.

Michigan AD proving himself under fire

Rittenberg, on David Brandon, for the win.

NFL Invites Tebow to Draft Day Festivities

Further proof that the NFL is a money grubbing whore of a conglomerate. At this point I really don't know what the allure of having Tim Tebow at the draft. Seriously, other than rolling out Seraphim's Bullwhip at his UF proday, there is nothing new Tebow can offer the viewing public at the NFL Draft other than wearing a sweet pin striped suit that makes him look like a cross between Jaws and Goodfellas. Oh, imagine if he wore spats and a fedora... and brought a "violin case" along. As soon as the Second round begins he whips out the Tommy Gun and all that pent up Combine Rage gets released ...... ratatatatatatat..... Tebow at the Draft. Yeah. This will end well.

Pac-10 AD: Big Ten Contacted Texas, A&M

Ha! All your Texas are belong to us! Our buddy Adam Rittenberg at ESPN has the scoop on some outside confirmation that the Big Ten has indeed contacted Texas and Texas A&M about Big Ten membership. "[Washington Athletic Director Steve] Woodward also talked about expansion and said the Pac-10 and the Big Ten have reached out to officials at Texas and Texas A&M. 'I'd be surprised if our office is not in contact with them,' [Woodward] said. 'I'm sure those conversations have happened and are taking place.' Aha! Now my Texas to the Big Ten piece doesn't seem to far fetched, does it? Austin here I come. And Peter, you're buying.

Boise State To Announce Their September 4, 2010 Opener, Could it be Michigan Football?

According to OBNUG, SB Nation's awesome Bronco's blog, Boise State is close to finalizing a deal to fill the final slot in its 2010 nonconference schedule. "It's going to be a good one," said BSU president Bob Kustra, who would not disclose the opponent or the game location. There's a feelin' around the Boise parts that the early rumors it could be Michigan could actually have been true. However, Boise's got plenty of options for September 4, 2010. Take a look! Anyone got any inside tips on this? What to you think, Boise at Michigan?

Black Shoe Diaries Turns Two

A belated congratulations to Mike and the Gang over at Black Shoe Diaries to for outstanding years.

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