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MnB B1G Preview: UNL Schemes for Poor DT Play


Pelini has been one of the best defensive minds in college football. Yet, last year, something changed. That something was the poor DT play. In this article we discuss Nebraska's defense and the...

Top 3-4 DE against the Run


This is about a month old, so it may have already been posted. But I just found it and I think it is a great read. According to Pro Football Focus Tyson Jackson (#1) and Glenn Dorsey (#6) were two of the best 3-4 DE in run defense in 2011. For everyone that says we need to trade/letgo these guys, this article lets you know how important they are to our Defense. Also, keep in mind, these guys are putting up these numbers without a dominant NT. Alot of people want to see Dorsey leave as a free agent, but I would gladly resign him to a reasonable contract (5yrs, $30-35 million). Some may see this as too much money, but keep in mind: a) $6-7million is the going rate for an above average 3-4 DE, and b) this would actually decrease Dorseys annually salary which was $10mil/year from his rookie contract. With Tamba being Tamba, and Houston really coming into his own, I think the Chiefs pass rush will take off this year. If we can continue to improve our pass rush, while maintaining our strong run play, this Defense is ready for big things. Now if only the offense could stay healthy to put up points...

Bringing the storm clouds: Defense against the run


I'd like to zoom in on our defense's execution of Diaz's mantra of "Stop the run, hit the quarterback" in game 1. At first glance, it would appear that we failed miserably but given that we allowed...

The Utah Run Defense of 2011: We will stop you!


Breaking down the front 7 for the Utah Utes...

A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Is The Run Defense Cooked?


On Sunday, we watched the Falcons get shredded by Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas of the Saints. This was particularly worrisome given that the Falcons will soon face three potent rushing offenses in...

Can John Parker Wilson beat the Dawgs?


Gamecock Man has already given you a comprehensive look at this weekend's SEC matchups. As part of a preview of the new "project" I keep talking about, a look at some numbers on Alabama vs....

Cal - Wazzu Report Card


About as much objective analysis as one can have over a 66-3 blowout. I did fail to mention guys like Schwartz and Guarnero, as well as Morrah, who was great in the runblocking game. On the other hand, Wazzu did play like ass the entire game. Thoughts? Objections?

More thoughts on the Defense


GCobb has a couple of notes up today about the Bird's defense.  In one, he reminds us that the Eagles were last in the league in turnovers last year.  In the other, he takes a look at the defensive...

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