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And Away We Go

I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to call Straight Bangin' the best internet. It features everything worth anything--hip-hop, basketball, movies, television, diatribes about open-toed shoes. Its value is also determined, in part, by its coverage of Michigan sports. While you may disagree with the opinions--perhaps you think that Lloyd Carr is a wonderful coach, or that Tommy Amaker is just one practice facility away from John Wooden status--you can't knock the coverage. Though not nearly the information clearing house that is the sublime MGoBlog, Straight Bangin' offers timely, extensive coverage of significant happenings in Michigan sports.

And now going forward, all of that Michigan content will migrate and be found here, at Schembechler Hall.

Since I just started subscribing to Harvard Business Review, let me try to explain this change with some not-so-fancy business terms: Spinning off the Michigan-related content from Straight Bangin' allows it to stick to its core competencies--hip-hop, basketball, liberal screeds, all of the minutiae with which my everyday life is filled. It also allows Schembechler Hall to realize greater value in Michigan coverage, and this new venue may foster growth and encourage dynamism. (That last part might be made up.)

For BlogPoll purposes, Schembechler Hall is the new Straight Bangin', although I hope that my eponymous award remains as titled. All of the understandable and necessary Ohio State-related invective; all of the righteous indignation about Lloyd Carr's shortcomings; all of the sarcasm regarding the Orgeron; all of the disdain for antebellum SEC offenses--those hallmarks of Straight Bangin' football coverage will now be located along State Street, a looooong walk away from places like the Chem Building, in Schembechler Hall.

And for the uninitiated, Schembechler Hall is the building in Ann Arbor that houses the football program.

So I hope that you like the new site. I will be improving the template when I have some time this weekend: SH needs some more links, a fine tuning of the colors (this is not a Delaware website!), and some light bulbs need to be replaced. I will also walk you through some of the site features and some of the plans for this new piece.