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Because It's Rivalry Week

One of the nicer dorms in Columbus

So there's a guy named Joel Pennington. Joel wrote a book called The Ten Year War: Ten Classic Games Between Bo and Woody. As you might imagine, he has a lot of anecdotes about Michigan and Ohio State. Today I received the following story via electronic mail. I have no idea if it is history or fallacy, but I'd like to think that it is accurate, mostly because it reinforces everything I know to be true. It is attributed to Joel...

Woody would often shower with the players after practices, and if you happened to be standing close to him, he would have you wash his back and he would wash yours. I realize that's strange but I guess it's some Japanese managerial technique.

Anyway, Tom Cousineau said that whenever Woody walked into the showers, everyone would move to the other side of the room to avoid him. One day, Woody walked in and everyone moved. Everyone except for this freshman walk-on who walked over and started showering right next to Woody and had a big smile on his face. Cousineau said the other players couldn't figure out what this kid was doing.

Sure enough, Woody asks the kid to turn around so Woody can wash his back. The kid turns around and is just grinning from ear to ear as Woody washes his back. The other players can't figure out what's up with this kid. Woody then turns around for the kid to wash his back, and the kid is still just smiling from ear to ear.

Finally, the players look down and see that this kid is pissing right down the back of Woody's leg. Woody has no idea and Cousineau said he and the other players almost fell over laughing. He still laughs his head off when he's telling the story. He said that the kid was a cult hero on the team after that."
Make all your jokes in the comments section. I'd just like to add: showering together? Sort of prison, right?

Football analysis can wait; this is too good right now...