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Blog Poll: Ballot #10

This week, pollsters are encouraged to explain who we are respectively ranking #1 and to discuss, generally, the relative merits of the three most obvious candidates. I am nothing if not dutiful, so I will happily get into it, although I think that the top deserves its own post. So look for that later in the week.

In the meantime, in between time...

BlogPoll Ballot #10

1) Southern Cal - Another week, another beatdown. Why is this team my number one? Because I have yet to see any team--even a Texas team I respect and a Virginia Tech team I fear--that I think would score more points than USC.
2) Texas - Vince Young would get my Heisman vote. 500+ yards of total offense by himself? That's not street legal. He looks like a better version of Daunte Culpepper. He's not Michael Vick; he's bigger and slower. But he might be better than Daunte--a more effective runner and a better leader.
3) Virginia Tech - The defense looks like a boa constrictor: It wraps you up and squeezes you into submission for sixty minutes. Totally suffocating.
4) Miami - The defense looks good. Has the offense made enough progress? We'll find out soon...
5) UCLA - When a team struggles with an inferior opponent and comes back to win, it builds character and shows resolve. When a team does that seemingly every week, it might be cause for concern, or at least skepticism.
6) Alabama - The SEC should kick the Crimson Tide out of the conference for scoring more than 20 points in a game.
7) Notre Dame - Not only is it wonderful that Tennessee has tanked because, well, it's Tennessee. But the impending Irish victory seems a lot less impressive all of a sudden.
8) Louisiana State - The best of the pretenders of the weakest of the contenders?
9) Ohio State - This team will peak just in time to rename the Michigan coach Lloyd Tressel. I am already scared.
10) Penn State - Can win the conference this weekend.
11) Florida State - This team is not beating Virginia Tech.
12) Georgia - Is Shock G worth two more points? Probably. Injuries suck; life's not fair. If it were, Shock G would still be pulling a Tee Martin and Columbus would fall into the center of the earth.
13) Auburn - This team effectively beat LSU. Why is it ranked behind Oregon, Florida, and Texas Tech?
14) Oregon - Is this the weekend that validates the doubt?
15) Wisconsin - Please lose this week. And next week, too.
16) Florida - Nice win, bad uniforms. Still need some offense.
17) Fresno State - The two-week season starts next weekend. Can probably afford to look ahead...
18) Colorado - The best of the worst "major" division in college football. What color is this year's Big XII North bridesmaid dress?
19) TCU - All any of us know to say is: SMU?
20) Boston College - Lost to a better team on the road. Had a lead at one point. There are worse sins.
21) Cal - Not a great team. Won't win over any detractors by beating Oregon without its starting QB. Will get dropped from rankings for losing. See Georgia re: life.
22) Louisville - Functionally forgotten after two losses. Don't fight your way back into collective relevance by losing to Wanny.
23) Rutgers - Bowl eligible. Nicely done. No snark.
24) Texas Tech - Win a bowl game, lay the groundwork for next year's fool's gold.
25) Georgia Tech - The Mr. Kotter of this poll.

Games watched: Michigan vs. Northworstern; Georgia vs. Florida; Purdon't vs. Penn State. I'll do better this weekend with no plans and no UM commitments.