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Butler vs. Michigan Open Thread

Michigan is 2-0. Break up the Wolverines!

So far, it's been a start from which we, the doubting public, can conclude...little. A frequent Tommy Amaker polemicist, I don't know that the most recent Michigan victory over UM's longstanding, bitter rival Boston University really sets me at ease. Michigan--the team that often looks like it spends all of its practice time getting hand jobs from the Maize Rage and neglecting the little things, like offense and boxing out--had a staggering 7:19 assist-to-turnover ratio. Worse, it only out-rebounded an America East team by one (33-32), and it shot 60% from the free-throw line. I always contend that good, well-coached teams are differentiated by five things: 1) They box out; 2) They hit free throws; 3) They rotate on defense; 4) They can execute an offense in crunch time; 5) They are prepared for special situations (end-of-game; no timeouts; etc.). You tell me if Michigan appears well coached.

Please also look for those things today as Michigan hosts Butler. Leave your comments below.