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BlogPoll: Ballot #11

No photos, no intro--let's just do dis!

BlogPoll Ballot #11

1) Southern Cal - Same deal as always--Texas's defense may be better than USC's on paper and on the field, but in a game, with things like emotion and coaching factoring into the outcome, I still don't see anyone outscoring USC. That's why they stay at the top of the poll even as Texas puts together a fantastic year.
2) Texas - Is Colorado really going to be any harder to beat than the first time? I really wish that the Big XII were a more interesting conference.
3) Miami - The best one-loss team. Miami has struggled against Clemson and North Carolina, but I attribute the former to inexperienced and undefined offense, the latter to indifference. The defense was incredible this past weekend and the offensive line got yards when it needed them.
4) Alabama - Let the record show that I had 'Bama behind Miami last week, too. I realize that defense wins championships and that 'Bama's is awesome, but so is Miami's, so is Texas's, and no one shuts down the Trojans. I think that Miami, Texas, and USC all score more points than the Crimson Tide if it played any of the three ahead of it.
5) Virginia Tech - Ranking VaTech ahead of Penn State is just another Big Ten officiating conspiracy. Ask the insufferable Nittany Lion internets fans. VaTech was a team I loved until Saturday night. I am giving it the benfit of the doubt for now because Miami can really defend.
6) Notre Dame - If Charlie Weis' team were playing Les Miles's or Joe Paterno's, do you really think that Notre Dame wouldn't win? I don't. The offensive seems like a machine.
7) Louisiana State - Perhaps the most unimpressive one-loss team in a long time. Perception changes this weekend with a big win in Tuscaloosa, though.
8) Penn State - The defense is very good, but I still don't have a ton of faith in an offense that has mostly been proficient.
9) UCLA - Bad, bad loss. Consider playing defense at some point, please. Would drop further, but UCLA could probably outscore every team below it.
10) The Ohio State Joke of a University - Probably won't look ahead to Michigan too much since Northwestern beat this team last year. Pray that Ginn and Holmes get hurt.
11) Georgia - Controls its own destiny.
12) Auburn - Am I overrating a team without a really impressive win? I suppose I might be, but I also won't be shocked if it wins in Athens this weekend.
13) Oregon - Won me over this weekend.
14) Florida - Dodged a bullet. Buy those refs a beer...
15) Fresno State - Ah yes, the advantages of everyone else losing.
16) Colorado - The highest ranked of the teams coached by men who likely condone rape.
17) TCU - I don't watch this team; I admit it.
18) Louisville - Maybe overrated, too, but any team that beats Wannstedt and puts him below .500 is cool with me.
19) Florida State - Does Thad Busby have any eligibility left?
20) Texas Tech - Sucks being a no-account one-loss team, doesn't it?
21) Georgia Tech - One of those teams that is ranked but really seems like it could lose almost any game.
22) Wisconsin - While you're back there behind the shed, watch out for the poison ivy.
23) South Carolina - OBC!
24) Rutgers - Well, just ask yourself this: Who is the one major-power coach most likely to lose to Greg Schiano if given the opportunity?
25) Michigan - Only because I can't post a top twenty-four. This team does not deserve to be ranked, but neither does any other team that I can think of.