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Lingering Thoughts from Saturday

Michigan beat South Florida by 21 yesterday. Overall, UM looked pretty average given that it was playing against a team that would probably lose to Oak Hill Academy. A few lingering thoughts:

  • Is anyone else concerned that Michigan ran such ragged run-outs against a glorified high school team? UM looked slow and uncertain of how to finish.

  • Lester Abram, relatively ineffective.

  • I don't want to take anything away from Michigan because its start has been admirable, but I can't shake the feeling that UM is going to look a lot worse when it plays teams with some, like, talent. The UM big men have pretty bad hands; Courtney Sims is not going to be effective against better "bigs"; and Dion Harris has lost his mid-range game. Daniel Horton has been great, Sims has been good against inferior players (what he should be), and the rest of the team has been well organized. But given the problems I mentioned above and facts like Ron Coleman being a part of the rotation, I don't know that UM is really as good as its start might indicate.