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(Some) Life Beyond Ann Arbor

Some news from around the college football world:

  • Dan Hawkins is all up in that like a glove at Colorado. If the university has any class, it will name all of the emergency call boxes and blue-light phones after Gary Barnett as a tribute to a guy who consistently demonstrated his ability to win the Pop Warner League Big XII North.

  • This over-the-shoulder peek into USC practice by Sports Illustrated's Austin Murphy should leave just a few questions in your mind: Was it as enjoyable for Pete Carroll to receive this reach-around as it appears it was for Murphy to give it? And how many batteries are required to keep the hype machine going? Leinart, Bush--I get it, and I respect it. But Sanchez? Let's see the kid in a game before we get on our knees for him, too. OK?

  • The cavalcade of three-star Michigan recruits seems like it is about to intensify with imminent commitments from Colorado DE Greg Banks and New York DE McKenzie Matthews.'s list of the top-ten remaining uncommitted recruits is a sad reminder that this is just not Michigan's year.

    And a note about my dismissive tone regarding three-star recruits: I have nothing against these kids, and I don't want to insult teenagers. Furthermore, I realize that recruiting rankings are not everything. Just ask Mike Hart and Braylon Edwards. But rather, if Michigan is already losing three games each year with four- and five-star recruits, consistently failing to get the most out of its kids while they're in college (just ask Cato June), what's gonna happen when the level of raw ability is diminished? That's the reason for the cynicism; the same reason as always: Lloyd Effing Carr.

  • It's not all doom and gloom, though: Jake Long doesn't need surgery and will be playing in the San Antonio Bowl of Zero Significance.