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Is Aversion Contagious?

Regular readers of this site or its ideological parent, Straight Bangin', know that I don't get along with Lloyd Carr. While our politics and sensibilities are fairly similar--we both voted for the same guy in 2000 and 2004; we both think it's nice to be important but important to be nice; etc.--he and I just don't see eye to eye when it comes to how he runs the Michigan football program. Recruiting coups aside, he generally disappoints me. For a while, I felt like a lonely exasperated voice frequently drowned out by a chorus of fans imploring me to: be realistic; be patient; drop dead. There were other polemicists, but few seemed to know about the others, and we never seemed like anything but the crazy fans that either haunt or help (depends on your perspective and priorities) every program.

But then 7-4 happened, and UM spent most of the season playing the same game week after week, only changing the opponent against which it lined up and sucked on defense in crunch time. Suddenly, more and more people were getting upset and staying upset, win or lose. Some have blogs, but others have internets lives dedicated to this. The latter group intrigues me because it seems to have enjoyed a relative explosion this season. See for yourself:

So we're clear: I don't know who should be our next coach, and I think Carr has earned a more gracious exit, so I don't know that I think he should be fired. But I also don't like him as the coach.